Romanian authorities arrested Andrew Tate, sexual assult
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Self-claimed Misogynist Andrew Tate arrested by Romanian authorities for sexual assault, organized crime, and human trafficking.

Andrew Tate arrested in Romania

Romanian authorities detained Andrew Tate over organized crime and sexual assault charges. According to authorities, the controversial influencer was involved in human trafficking and creating a crime group. He was recruiting, housing, and exploiting women for pornographic purposes.

  • Insiders believe, the prosecutors discovered Andrew Tate’s location due to his rant video in response to Greta Thunberg. The influencer trended under #smalldickenergy over his Tweet showing off his luxurious lifestyle in an attempt to impress Thunberg and posted a video during the clash. This video featured a local pizza box confirming his location in the country which became a clue to mobilize the authorities.
Andrew Tate Sexual Assult, Organised Crime, Roman Authorities
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  • On 29 December 2022, The authorities arrested him along with his brother and two other suspects. They will remain in detention for 24 hours as per the anti-organized crime unit. The prosecutors raided their property in Pipera, Bucharest for evidence while the Tate brothers were under investigation since April.
  • In a statement released by their official spokesperson, the brothers denied releasing case details. However, Andrew and Tristan Tate claim to have the utmost respect for the Romanian authorities and will always assist and help in any way they can.
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The official statement from investigators

According to The Guardian, six victims are identified, who were allegedly sexually exploited by the organized criminal group. As per investigators, the group misleads the victims into matrimony and brings them to Romania.

  • The women face sexual assault and physical-mental violence by an organized crime group of Andrew Tate. Like this, they create exclusive pornographic content for specialized websites and gain monetary benefits.
  • Andrew Tate has also released a statement calling the arrest a swatting incident. According to him, it is common for people who are famous over the internet. The police came, investigated, and left. We will get to know more about the case after further investigation.
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Andrew Tate’s misogyny

Andrew Tate is a self-claimed misogynist. He has uploaded many videos related to his beliefs with controversial statements. In such videos, he shares that women are essentially a man’s property, can’t drive, and belong in the home. If it’s up to him then rape victims must take responsibility for the attack. He has shared to exclusively date 18-19-year-old girls so he can imprint them.

  • In other clips, the kickboxer creates a playboy image and poses with guns in one of the many luxurious cars owned by him. He expresses his desire to chock, hit, and confide women in homes. In his endless violent videos, he explains how he would attack a girl if accused of cheating or destroying their belongings.
  • However, in another video, he calls his ex-girlfriend a ‘dumb hoe’ for her claims of being a victim of Tate’s abuse.
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  •  All of these Andrew Tate misogynist videos are viewed and shared billions of times. They have been called out by domestic abuse charities for promoting harmful and criminal activities. According to investigations by Observers, Tate proliferates his content with copycat accounts and his fans.
  • Even with all this and more evidence, TikTok has done little to stop Tate from sharing misogynist content until they received significant complaints.

More investigations by Romanian authorities will reveal his involvement in human trafficking, sexual assault, and organized crime, however, this smoke does seem to belong to a prolonged fire. For more latest updates about entertainment, sports, and gaming follow Spiel Times.

Source: The Guardian
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