Rumor: A Possible Suicide Squad Game May Have Been Leaked

From the depths of 4chan comes a few shreds of information about a possible Warner Bros game. From descriptions of trailers and music licensing to gameplay presentation, the leak is detailed but not reliable. So, salt? Of course.

As revealed in December 2018, Warner Bros is most probably working on a new Batman game, titled Court of Owls. What’s interesting is that the information leaked(or framed in the way of a fake leak), might not be for a City of Owls, but a Suicide Squad game.

The leak headlines “Announce – June 4th, 2019.” Under it, we have the following information –

CG Trailer

  • The announcement trailer is in the polishing phase. Blur Studio is currently polishing the lighting and animation in certain scenes.

Ra’s al Ghul Reveal/Walk-Up

  • Ra’s al Ghul walking up with all the other villains is yet to be revealed in the trailer.
  • Ra’s al Ghul is one of the exclusive timed raid missions that will be available to pre-order customers. It will include this at the end of the trailer.

Music Licensing

  • We have approached RCA/Sony Music Entertainment to acquire the license of using Perfect Day by Lou Reed as the main music track for the reveal trailer. I will give updates on this process as soon as possible.

Gotham Trailer

  • Gotham will be the first location to be revealed as one of the playable areas in the game. We’re preparing a short introduction video of this location showcasing some of the landmarks and areas you can explore.
  • I’ve started sending some of the assets over to (censored) including before the live gameplay presentation. However, it seems like some of the assets that are used uses the old lighting tech. So, we might have to recall if it looks out of place compared to the gameplay.
  • Gotham will also be one of the playable areas for press and industry influencers at E3 this year.

Star City/Arrow Trailer

  • The marketing team originally wanted to reveal Star City after the live game presentation. However, (censored) has requested that they would like to include this in there (censored) broadcast where we will talk more in-depth about the game. Star City will now be a part of the (censored).
  • Any update on the development of the latest iteration of Arrow’s character model, we would like to include this in the Star city trailer ASAP.


  • (censored sentence) This will be early access (censored sentence). A Premium Edition is being considered that would be bundled with a few iconic superhero costumes and a bit of in-game currency. Early access for the game at launch is still in the discussion. We hopefully get a definitive answer by the end of the month.
  • Marketing is planning to announce the game with our launch window, which is set as Early 2020.

Gameplay Presentation

  • We intend on putting together a live gameplay walkthrough for (censored phrase) Briefing. This would be a video of pre-recorded gameplay and UI, with a pre-recoreded group of people speaking over the footage, discussing the core elements of the game. Game info to cover includes:
    • Core gameplay
      • Team Work
      • Custom variations
      • Combat
      • Supers
      • Loot
      • City’s Hub areas
      • Online/Multiplayer
      • Multiple Story Lines/Paths
  • The Team has made an outline on what we will be presented and have started capturing footage and recording the voice-overs.
  • The footage is being recorded and it using the latest internal build which has the improved lighting and character models

Rumor: A Possible Suicide Squad Game May Have Been Leaked

Rumor: A Possible Suicide Squad Game May Have Been Leaked

A Twitter user messaged Kotaku’s News Editor Jason Schreier–who’s well-known for his investigative reports and inside information–regarding the rumors. The user asked, “There’s rumors going around that Rocksteady’s new game is Suicide Squad. You’ve been a credible person to debunk these things in the past. Does this current rumor have any truth?” To which, Jason replied, “I wouldn’t wanna spoil it.”

Rumor: A Possible Suicide Squad Game May Have Been Leaked

Interestingly, this leak is in the exact same format as the Mortal Kombat 11 leak earlier this year. The leaker revealed information about the game’s announcement, box art, trailers for Sonya/Ronda and Geras and even the Live Gameplay Walkthrough which turned out to be accurate and true.

No doubt, anyone can mimic the format of the leak and there’s a hundred per cent possibility someone’s faking the leak. So, whether or not these shreds information should be taken into account, lies in your hands. We’ll keep you updated if something comes up.

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