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A rumored Modern Warfare 2 photo has gone viral on Twitter, with many fans debating whether it’s real or fake. In this article, we’ll investigate whether or not the allegedly leaked image is legit. Enjoy!

A Twitter account – @CODMWIINewsLeak supposedly released an image that was thought to be from a trailer for the upcoming game Modern Warfare 2. They went on to explain that the original poster’s account was suspended after it was posted.


The photo is as suspicious as we think it is since the lady looks exactly like the Death Stranding girl. Two people responded to the tweet, comparing photographs of a Death Stranding character named Fragile. Here are the images for your reference. What are your thoughts?

  • We can’t tell for sure if the supposed leaked image is from the official Modern Warfare 2 trailer based on these. The two photos, which were sent by different Twitter accounts, provide strong evidence that the photo in question is fake, and we agree.
  • It’s probable that some fans are extremely eager to get their hands on this new game, prompting the developers to release the video early.

Whatever fans may think, we are hopeful that additional information about the coming Modern Warfare 2 Remastered will be revealed in the following days. When the official trailer is out, only time will tell.

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