Rumor Dead Space Remake alternate ending explained
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The remake of Dead Space will feature an alternate ending as a change from the original game. Let’s see what this rumor could mean for players.


Dead Space Remake

According to the latest leaks, the remake of Dead Space will have many surprises. It appears as though this remake of the iconic horror game will have an alternate ending. The information is making rounds after a leak of a list of trophies. But as of writing, nothing is confirmed yet.

  • According to Game Rant, as the original game is turning 15 this year there is no doubt many fans know the Visceral Games’ 2008 survival horror like the back of their hands. Therefore, they’ll know everything there is about the story. However, to avoid the feeling of repetition and familiarity, it seems the devs are planning to add some new elements to the upcoming remake.

  • As the release date is coming closer (27 January 2023), gameplay footage from the Dead Space remake is turning up on the internet. It features two hours from the campaign and provides some major insight into what players can expect. The leaks don’t end here, perhaps to keep the fans excited for the release. A list of trophies for the upcoming game highlighted something that was not in the original game.

Dead Space: Alternate Ending Rumor

According to the shrewd observation of The Gamer, the trophy list hints at an alternate ending in the remake. Out of 48 trophies, one of the secret achievements is “Reunion”. Its accompanying description states, “See the alternative ending on any difficulty mode”.

  • The information lacks a clear hint as a backup for the rumor. Therefore, it’s hard to say precisely what this other ending could be. Some are suspecting it’s a drastic divergence from the canon ending. Overall, even when nothing is sure, there is no doubt many fans have some theories about what it could be.

More about Dead Space Remake

The recently leaked Dead Space remake trophy list shows what achievements players can get during gameplay. It’s natural for modern games to include some sort of achievement so players can set their goals accordingly.

  • Out of 48 trophies listed on TrueTrophies listed for Dead Space, these include completing the game in Impossible mode, installing every weapon upgrade, and killing many enemies. Along with that, players will also be able to get achievements by completing the chapters of the game on difficulty levels, as well as through logs, and schematics.
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What Makers Have to Say

Dead Space’s linear narrative may provoke a challenge to players’ expectations. However, if the new leaks turn out to be factual then the remake will offer new twists for diehard fans.

  • Speaking with NME, Motive senior producer Philippe Ducharme shares that due to certain immersion-oriented changes to the original game, the team behind the remake added more content. Therefore, players can expect to find new things while exploring the USG Ishimura.
  • Ducharme further explains, “Now you’re not traversing through trams or having breaks between chapters, that was something that we wanted to do to increase the immersion.” 
  • The creator also informs that the remake’s developers were careful to avoid anything offending hardcore fans of the original Dead Space.
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Dead Space launches on January 27 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. For more latest updates about gaming, entertainment, and sports, follow Spiel Times.

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