Rumor: Destiny Mobile Game in the Works – Is it True?

A rumor is going around that Destiny is turning into a mobile game soon. Moreover, Bungie is reportedly teaming up with NetEase for this. Read on to find out more.

Bungie teams up with Chinese tech company NetEase for a Destiny mobile game

First reported by The Game Post, the rumor started after one of the artists at NetEase updated their LinkedIn profile. In their profile, it states that the artist from NetEase is part of developing “an unannounced FPS mobile game.”

Moreover, an anonymous source claims that this unannounced FPS mobile game is the next title in the Destiny franchise. This anonymous source is said to be knowledgeable about the development plans NetEase has in the foreseeable future.

Destiny 2 - Mobile Game Rumor 2
Image Courtesy of Bungie via Steam

However, TGP shares in their report that the mobile game for Destiny is going to be a standalone. This means that although it is part of the Destiny franchise, it is not connected to Destiny 2 in terms of its nature or story.

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The anonymous source also shares that this game has been in development for over two years now. But Bungie and NetEase are both good at keeping information under wraps since until now, we haven’t had any sneak peeks of the Destiny mobile game.

Destiny 2 - Mobile Game Rumor 1
Image Courtesy of Bungie via Steam

But it’s safe to assume that a Destiny mobile game is really in the works since all these rumors started with some job listings a few months ago. According to the job listings which caught the eye of gamers all over, Bungie was looking for people to fill in some interesting roles.

It’s likely the project Bungie and NetEase are working on is a Destiny mobile game

In the official job listings, Bungie is looking for an art director, an executive producer, and a senior test manager for a future Destiny title. And although it may seem like Bungie may release the next game following Destiny 2, there’s also a strong possibility that it is a mobile game.

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Additionally, Bungie specified what type of individuals they wanted to apply for the job listings. The candidates should already have experience in working on AAA games for mobile devices. Furthermore, they also want the candidates to be experts with the Destiny IP.

Image Courtesy of Bungie via Steam

If you’re a fan of mobile games like Sky: Children of Light or Rules of Survival, then you’re familiar with the company called NetEase. They’re known for some of the hottest mobile games available in the market now.

So if Bungie and NetEase are teaming up, then it must mean they’re aiming to release a mobile game, right? And the job listings specify that they want people who are experts in the Destiny IP and experienced in developing AAA mobile games.

Hopefully, all of this isn’t a coincidence and we’re really getting a Destiny mobile game. However, we won’t know for sure until either Bungie or NetEase confirms this information.

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