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Now that he’s being recognized as the richest man on the planet, what’s stopping Elon Musk to acquire something as big as Fortnite? Well, aside from the fact that these are merely rumors, Musk hasn’t explicitly expressed that he plans on investing in or acquiring Fortnite. All of this talk about him buying out one of the biggest battle royale games at the moment actually came from a meme. Sorry to disappoint, Tesla & SpaceX fans, but it’s unlikely that these rumors of Elon Musk acquiring Fortnite are true.

Although Musk is known to be a risktaker and use his wealth to buy companies like Twitter (which failed, BTW), all of this Fortnite x Elon Musk thing is a joke. Musk himself acknowledged this last 2018. We can safely assume at this point that people are just bringing up an old meme.

Elon Musk allegedly acquires Fortnite just to delete it

This particular meme concerning the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX originated in 2018. It was originally posted on the r/funny subreddit by a user named The-shadowxz. In the screenshot, there appears to be a news article’s headline talking about Musk and Fortnite.

  • “Elon Musk buys Fortnite and deletes it,” the headline reads
  • The screenshot of the article explains why Musk acquired Fortnite
  • There is a quote at the beginning of the article: “I had to save these kids from eternal virginity”
  • After it blew up on the subreddit, Musk himself acknowledged the meme and posted it on his Twitter account

This tweet also helped popularize the meme as it got over 336,000 retweets and 1.1 million likes. If you check out the tweet, Fortnite’s official Twitter account sent a reply and seemingly joined in on the fun.

“A whole decade? Just build, LOL!” the Fortnite Twitter account replied and linked an article that talked about SpaceX’s plans to build the first base on Mars. Aside from poking fun at Musk, it’s possible that the Fortnite account was referencing the ability of players to build their forts in Fortnite.

It’s become a yearly tradition to bring the joke up

Since all of this took place in October of 2018, netizens have been bringing it up every year. Those who were unaware of the whole joke back when Elon Musk first posted about the meme tend to believe these rumors. If you’re one of them, we’re here to tell you that you don’t need to worry about Musk deleting Fortnite anytime soon.

Rumor Elon Musk to acquire Fortnite Is it true - Fortnite Black Hole
Image Courtesy of Epic Games
  • A similar situation happened in 2019 around the same time the Black Hole event in Fortnite took place.
  • Some players started resurrecting the meme and went around telling other players that Musk has finally bought Fortnite.

At the moment, neither Musk nor Epic Games have released any statements that the former plans on buying the game and deleting it from existence. It’s also unlikely to happen this year since the latest season of Fortnite just kicked off last week.

If you ever find another rumor going around about Elon Musk supposedly buying a company or a video game, it’s safe to assume that it’s just a meme. Something as big as Fortnite getting deleted will surely cause some uproar given how widely popular it is.

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What do you think about this Fortnite and Elon Musk rumor? Do you believe it’ll come true in the near future? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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