Previous rumors about Game Boy and Nintendo Switch seem to spark once again. Another alleged rumor is surrounding Nintendo which might suggest that Game Boy and Advance games could finally come to Nintendo Switch.

According to a piece of information spread by @Trans_Bandatcoot on Twitter, there is leaked footage of a supposed Game Boy Emulator that will be coming to Nintendo Switch.

Photo Courtesy of Trash_Bandatcoot (via Twitter)

They also added that there are four separate files leaked so far on 4chan. Two of which are files named “Hiyoko” (the Game Boy emulator) and “Sloop” (the GBA emulator). To add, the emulators looked like they are being developed by NERD (Nintendo Europe Research and Development); which, surprisingly, is in charge of developing other emulators adapted by Switch.

Photo Courtesy of Trash_Bandatcoot (via Twitter)

With the potential emulators, Nintendo Switch Online subscribers will be able to enjoy classic Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games on their accounts.

For a few months now, these rumors have been going on and on on the internet. However, amidst all of these rumors, nothing was confirmed by Nintendo. Even with all the hard evidence shown by @Trash_Bandatcoot, it still is a rumor. Although it is very likely we’ll be seeing the new emulators very soon.

Some of the most nostalgic games you will see in the future are titles like Castlevania, Super Mario Bros., Pokemon Ruby, and more!

Photo Courtesy of Typholosion4President (via YouTube)

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