Courtesy of Rockstar Games

Update: The rumor was true. It is, indeed, GTA 5. Here are our instructions on how to download the game for free.

That’s right folks. The big mystery game Epic Games Store has been teasing could turn out to be Rockstar’s biggest hit, GTA 5. The next free game on EGS unlocks in 26 hours from now and will be available till May 21. has learned from what they’re calling “an anonymous, but very well-informed source” that the next free game on Epic Games Store will be GTA 5 and that too, the premium edition. Not just the single-player campaign, but players will be able to explore the world of GTA Online with lots of additional content as well. This is huge! And as Epic Games Store functions, if you claim the game during the free week, the game stays in your library forever.

On Twitter, both Nibel and Daniel Ahmad commented on the rumor report. From their clever tweets, it solidifies the possibility of GTA 5 being the next free game.

We’ll keep you updated. If the rumor turns out true, then voila! If false, we’ll instantly update this article so that more people aren’t misled by it.

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