Rumor: Is a Resident Evil villain the next Killer in Dead by Daylight?

Is a Resident Evil villain the next Killer in Dead by Daylight

A new leak points to another Resident Evil x Dead by Daylight collab. And the next killer is a known villain in the Resident Evil series. But could this be true? Are we really getting another Resident Evil crossover in Dead by Daylight? Read on to find out more.

Previously, we already saw some of our favorite Resident Evil characters in Dead by Daylight. For the Survivors, we had Leon Kennedy and Jill Valentine as playable characters. And as for the Killer, fans were treated to a DBD version of Nemesis-T Type.

For its first collaboration, Nemesis was the killer in Resident Evil x Dead by Daylight

But now that a recent leak has appeared, it seems Dead by Daylight is welcoming another set of Resident Evil characters to the game. The information was provided by DBDLeaks, a prominent figure in the DBD community when it comes to leaking future information about the game.


The leak talks about a brand new Resident Evil crossover in Dead by Daylight. But instead of having someone as scary-looking as Nemesis, the game is welcoming Albert Wesker to its growing roster of Killers.

And as for the Survivors joining Wesker, players can expect Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers to arrive in the game. Each character has their own set of abilities, though. So even if Wesker looks like a completely normal person, there’s more than meets the eye with this Killer.

Albert Wesker, Ada Wong, and Rebecca Chambers are rumored to arrive in Dead by Daylight

The leak also includes the set of abilities for each rumored character coming to Dead by Daylight.

First off, we have Albert Wesker. In Dead by Daylight, his Killer name is The Mastermind. As for his abilities, it seems that the DBD team has remained true to Wesker’s superhuman powers in Resident Evil after he injects himself with the Prototype Virus.

Dead by Daylight x Resident Evil - Wesker
Image Courtesy of CAPCOM
In DBD, Wesker will be a Killer with the following perks:
  • Superior Anatomy
    • This perk allows Wesker to have an increased vaulting speed
  • Awakened Awareness
    • Wesker can see the auras of other survivors while carrying one of them
  • Terminus
    • If Wesker successfully downs, injures or hooks a Survivor, they get the Broken status effect
  • Virulent Bound
    • Once this ability is charged, Wesker is able to leap forward. If he hits a Survivor with the Virulent Bound, he deals damage and inflicts status effects on them
Image Courtesy of CAPCOM

As for Ada Wong, her abilities are inspired by her being a spy in the Resident Evil series. Players who use Ada Wong as their character have access to the following perks: Wiretap, Reactive Healing, and Low Profile.

These abilities allow Ada to spy on whoever is the killer and effectively use her spy skills if she ends up being the last Survivor standing.

Dead by Daylight x Resident Evil - Rebecca
Image Courtesy of CAPCOM

And finally, we have Rebecca Chambers. For her perks, she is more of a support type as she provides various buffs for herself and other Survivors. Her abilities are called Better than New, Reassurance, and Hyperfocus.

Will we see this RE x DBD collaboration soon? Or is it just another rumor?

  • As of writing, there is no official confirmation yet from Behaviour Interactive. Plus, we can also consider the fact that these leaks are fake.
  • However, some of the leaked information is proving to be legitimate since some of them are audio files of Wesker being the Killer.

But of course, we must take all leaks with a grain of salt. Unless Behaviour Interactive releases an announcement, it’s better to be skeptical about this information.

With that being said, the team behind Dead by Daylight is hosting their first-ever game showcase this coming August 3. Maybe then, we’ll get more information about possible Dead by Daylight collaborations coming in the near future.

But for now, these are just rumors. Stick around for the latest news about Dead by Daylight and potential crossovers. We can’t deny that all this talk about Wesker, Ada, and Rebecca coming to DBD is getting us excited and hopeful that it turns out to be true.

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What are your thoughts on another Resident Evil x Dead by Daylight collaboration? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments down below. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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SOURCE: CAPCOM, Dead by Daylight

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