Rumor: Is Justin Bieber getting a Divorce? | Viral Conspiracy Theory Explained
Image Courtesy of Justin Bieber via Instagram (@justinbieber)

Social media became full of buzz again. The internet has been a collection of numerous conspiracy theories throughout the years. People have been fond of creating and reading these so-called stories about their favorite celebrities or artists. Interestingly, Justin Bieber has been the center of these conspiracies which brought up some divorce rumors with his wife, Hailey. If you’re one of those curious-minded people, then you’re in the right place, as we try to uncover the truth about these rumors and theories circulating online.

Are Justin Bieber and Hailey getting a divorce?

A specific conspiracy theory trended all over TikTok that led to the rumor. People started buzzing around wondering if this was true. Honestly, the reason why the Biebers would be allegedly divorcing this September 2023 was said to make sense.

The rumor mill of the couple separating began with TikTok user Patty (@pattypopculture). The user specifically mentioned that Justin and Hailey would be divorced on September 13, 2023, clearly two weeks from now. If the date sounds familiar, apparently, September 13 marks the 5th year of the couple’s 2018 wedding.



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And the part that Patty pointed out, the couple needed to be married for five years. The user explained that after a green card holder via marriage, one can already apply for permanent residency in the US. So, the conspiracy theory means that Justin uses Hailey as ‘his visa.’

Moreover, what made this theory more sense was that Justin Bieber’s working visa supposedly ended last 2018. Unfortunately, having criminal charges prevented him from applying for a new one. Losing his visa would also mean that the singer-songwriter could lose the rights to his music and projects in the US.

Well, if you’re one of the Justin-Hailey fans, all we know for now is that there’s no official news or announcement yet, so this theory and rumor can be taken with a grain of salt.

Another theory connecting to Selena Gomez’s ‘Single Soon’

When we thought that the divorce conspiracy theory of Justin and Hailey would be enough, Selena Gomez entered the picture. Streets says that her newest track ‘Single Soon’ is not about her, but instead about *drum roll* yes, Justin Bieber. TikTok user Inspector gadget (@inspectorgadgetttttt) analyzes the track in a video.


Deciphering selenas single soon #fyp #justinbieberneedshelp

♬ original sound – Inspector gadget

They start with a promotional Polaroid photo Selena posted for her recently released single. You might as well check it out as they said you can find multiple JB references. In addition, the music video has speculated references to how she argued to save him through the drawings.

The theme of the music video, in relation to the Justin-Hailey relationship, Selena seems to not care about the two. However, a slightly cryptic Instagram Story piqued their interest. In Gomez’s Story, the post she shared states, “Acting like you don’t care is not letting it go.”

With this other theory, people just became more and more curious about what was about to happen in the following days. After all, they may be celebrities, but their personal lives need some privacy as well.

Netizens React

Fans can’t seem to wrap their heads on what’s the truth behind the rumor and theories. User Patty’s video already reached 2.6 million views after four days of posting. It garnered over 300K likes and 2000 comments. Numerous users contradicted the user’s conspiracy theory as they said that one can apply for citizenship as early as three in the marriage.

Justin Bieber Divorce Rumor, Conspiracy Theory
Image Courtesy of Patty via TikTok (@pattypopculture)

Some seemed to be shocked about this created theory. Others used the comment section to share what will happen in their lives on September 13. And there seem to be a lot of people celebrating their birthday on the specific date (or probably just for humor).

TikTok comments on Justin Hailey conspiracy theory
Image Courtesy of Patty via TikTok (@pattypopculture)

On the other hand, Inspector gadget’s reached over 125K views on TikTok. More than 3000 people liked the video possibly agreeing with their analysis. Not everyone says the same though, as the majority of the comments shared it’s not about any of Selena’s exes.

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