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The rumors of MrBeast’s friend Chris Tyson and his wife Katie Tyson’s divorce have surfaced on the Internet. But what exactly caused this rumor and is it true? Stay with us and let’s find out!

Chris Tyson’s Divorce Rumors

Chris Tyson, who is famous for his friendship with MrBeast, is facing rumors regarding the status of his marriage with Katie Tyson. They both welcomed their first child, Trucker Tyson, on June 18, 2020. But now, the couple is facing divorce rumors circulating online.

  • The rumors started coming to the surface after a fan questioned their matrimony status through Reddit. They pointed out the lack of family photos on the couple’s social media handles and shared their wonder.
  • The lovely couple use to frequently post pictures of themselves enjoying their family time on Instagram. However, both of them haven’t posted a pic of them together since January 2022. The only photos they have shared include their child. Although looking at the posted pictures, it is doubtful to assume any falling apart in their marriage since some were taken at the same location.
  • However, the rumors didn’t cease and this may be because of Chris Tyson’s personal revelations right after his child, Trucker Tyson was born.

Is Chris Tyson Gay?

Right after the birth of his son, Trucker Tyson in June 2020, the Youtuber came out of the closet in November of the same year. He revealed his sexual orientation as bisexual on his alternate Twitter account.

  • In 2021, he also replied to LilNasX about his childhood experience and opinion about being part of the LGBTQ community. He shares how he remembers sitting in sermons where they say homosexuality is an abomination and hating himself for so many years because of it. However, being who you were born to be isn’t a sin.

  • All of these previous statements are coming back to provide fuel to the fire of Chris Tyson’s divorce rumors. However, this isn’t the first controversy of the Youtuber. He was previously shamed for his questionable posts and statements.
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More controversies in the YouTuber’s way

MrBeast’s friend and partner Chris Tyson has previously received criticism for controversial tweets. The discovery of Islamophobic, racist, transphobic, and ableist tweets on his Twitter account lead people to demand an apology.

  • Chris Tyson’s public impression is one of goodwill and positivity because of his work with MrBeast. He has given away cars and homes to needy people. However, his fans were shocked to find his old tweets, painting a less-than-flattering picture of him.
  • The YouTuber hasn’t made any statement owning up to nor defending the allegations since 2021.
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Who is Chris Tyson?

Christopher Tyson is known on the internet as Chris Tyson. He is a 26-year-old YouTube celebrity. He gained fame as MrBeast’s YouTube channel co-host and friend. Because of this, he has appeared in many of MrBeast’s videos alongside Jimmy.

  • Later on, he participated in a lot of their crazy challenges and pranks videos. However, his kind image is currently under the dark shadows of rumors. As of the writing of this article, there are no statements or trustable sources found behind the rumors of his alleged divorce.

They likely seem false. However, if any factual claims or official statements are released related to his divorce from Katie Tyson, then we shall promptly update you about it. Until then, follow Spiel Times for more news on entertainment, gaming, and sports.

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