Rumor: New Suikoden game coming soon; Is it True?

A cryptic notice on Konami’s official website has fans speculating a new Suikoden game might be on the way for Tokyo Game Show 2022. Although a piece of brilliant gaming news for fans of the game, not all of it is confirmed.

Rumor New Suikoden game coming soon Is it True - Game
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Konami is notorious for not showing love to older creations while game lovers keep begging them to. Many players bitterly note that Konami keeps releasing merch and toys instead of the second series of its beloved games. Then what makes this instance different?

Konami has introduced a full Tokyo game show 2022 – which is set to run from September 15 to September 18 – scheduled on the company website. It is there that the release of a new game has been hinted at, along with other releases like eFootball 2023.

Why did this rumor start?

It is surprising how gaming news progresses so quickly from one information to another, often leading to quite amusing rumors. Is that the case with the new Suikoden game, or might this time bring good news?

  • As the idea of the New Suikoden game keeps gaining more and more love in the gaming news industry, VGC has reported that the series mentioned by Konami – Konami officially announced a new series or remake to be introduced at Tokyo Game Show 2022 – is not Castlevania, Metal Gear or Silent Hill.

Silent Hill game lovers have really been hoping for a new series. But with this report, now it’s time for the New Suikoden game hopes to rise.

  • Moreover, u/Angel_Valoel shared on Reddit a screenshot of Suikoden trademark filing in Mexico. This is leading to more positive news about the possibility of a new Suikoden game this 2022.

Rumor New Suikoden game coming soon Is it True - Gameplay

  • There is a very important clue that Konami game lovers have fished out from this entire announcement. Yuki Kaji will be hosting the Konami Tokyo Game Show 2022. Yuki Kaji has already performed in three titles beforehand; 2 of which were Suikoden games.

On their official website, Konami says “Yuki Kaji will be invited as a guest to represent the fans of a series which is loved all over the world, on the announcement stage for a new Konami title”. This Konami title could have nothing to do with what Kaji has worked on at all.

The popularity of the 2006 release

The last official new Suikoden game came to us in 2006. Which makes Konami’s work on this game to be more than a decade old.

Several spin-offs and installments had been released since. And the most popular spin-off was released in 2012 for the PSP. Genso Suikoden: Tsumugareshi Haykunen no Toki was the last we ever saw of Suikoden.

The success of the Eiyuden Kickstarter is another factor that leads fans to believe that a new Suikoden game release from Konami might be on the way since this chronicle was definitely a spiritual successor to our beloved gameplay.

What if it is not a new Suikoden game?

On the other hand, many fans are pointing out that these speculations do not really have any gravity.

The trademark filing in Mexico can simply be a renewal of the older trademark.

Moreover, the cryptic notice on the release of a new game at the Tokyo Game Show 2022 can be a remake introduction. With Konami being the company and the announcement being of a small project, we can never rule out the possibility of a mobile game.

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