Possible announcements in Sony State of Play September 2023
Image courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment

As the gaming world eagerly anticipates the latest developments from Sony, rumors are swirling about a potential State of Play event scheduled for September 2023. With industry insiders and social media hints pointing toward the imminent State of Play, fans are keeping their fingers crossed for an array of thrilling announcements and game showcases. If you were wondering about the possible announcements in Sony State of Play this September 2023, we have you covered.

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Gaming Journalist Hints at State of Play in September 2023

Renowned journalist for Giant Bomb, Jeff Grubb, recently stirred the gaming community with a tweet that hinted at the upcoming Sony State of Play event. Grubb’s history of accurate predictions has added credibility to his hint that the PS Plus price hike could precede an exciting digital showcase. Although no explicit date has been confirmed, the State of Play will most likely happen in September 2023.

Possible Announcements at the PlayStation State of Play in September 2023

Death Stranding 2

This State of Play event could offer a treasure trove of exciting announcements if the rumors hold.

  • One of the most tantalizing possibilities is a trailer for Death Stranding 2, the sequel to the iconic visually stunning Death Stranding.
  • Hideo Kojima, the creative mind behind the game, has teased fans with a tweet about trailer editing.
  • This has undoubtedly ignited speculation that the sequel might take center stage at the event.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

While details remain speculative, the community has its wish list ready.

  • Among the most anticipated showcases is Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, a highly awaited PlayStation Studios release.
  • Every PS5 Gamer has been awaiting this game’s release ever since it was teased in the PlayStation Showcase of 2023. 
  • Therefore, it’s not far-fetched to believe that this event could feature a deeper dive into the upcoming superhero adventure.

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More details about the PlayStation Plus Price Increase

  • The recent announcement of price increases across all tiers of the PS Plus subscription took many by surprise.
  • Sony revealed the new pricing structure for its 12-month subscription plans, which are set to take effect in November 2023.
  • This change, while unexpected, might pave the way for more substantial offerings during the potential State of Play event.

Will history repeat itself this September?

Comparisons to past events add fuel to the fire of these rumors.

  • Last year, a similar sequence of events unfolded, which ultimately led to a State of Play event.
  • Industry insiders hinted at a PlayStation Showcase, followed by a sudden price increase, and finally, a State of Play confirmation.
  • If history repeats itself once again, fans can look forward to a memorable September event.


While we’re excited about the prospect of a State of Play event this September, it’s important to remember that these rumors are unconfirmed. Sony has yet to officially announce the event’s date and content. Whether it’s unveiling new trailers, showcasing gameplay, or offering surprises, a potential State of Play in September 2023 could be just the tonic PlayStation enthusiasts need to offset the recent PS Plus subscription price increase. 

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