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In this article, we will discuss if this rumor that Diablo Immortal’s Banning in China is true. The most recent installment of the legendary series, Diablo Immortal, has drawn criticism for a number of things, from its progression system to its emphasis on microtransactions.

The problems with the free-to-play massively multiplayer online action role-playing game are getting worse. This is because the Chinese market release has been postponed, and there are reports that the game may even be completely blacklisted.

Redditor Alleges China Banning Diablo Immortal

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The news of the unsuccessful launch into the Chinese market had a negative impact on the developers even more. The following is a summary of the information we currently know about the delay.
  • Diablo Immortal may be in major trouble over its release in China because of a post.
  • According to a News report, the game’s release date was initially for last week but had a delay due to the need for improvements and the implementation of many optimization modifications.
  • The posting of anything on the game’s official Weibo account was then forbidden.

Diablo Immortal is banned in China due to their Weibou account making a post mocking Xi jinping from GamingLeaksAndRumours

The person said that the game’s official social media account posted “Why doesn’t the bear step down?” on the Chinese social media site Weibo.
  • Internet users have been comparing the current Chinese leader to the well-known cartoon character Winnie the Pooh for a while. Numerous memes on the subject may be online with a basic search.
  • The Redditor claimed that in this context, the post quickly exploded on the Chinese internet and was viewed as an open provocation.
    • This results in a complete halt to Diablo Immortal marketing in China. Also, speculation that NetEase would not be having any license for the game publishing for the following three years.
  • The Reddit thread ends by stating that Diablo Immortal may be temporarily on the blacklist of China, with the game at the very least facing a longer delay.
  • Chinese Diablo fans are hopeful that the Devs can promptly resolve the issue and that they may play the game soon.

Is Diablo Immortal Banned in China?

There’s no confirmation that the Diablo Immortal Banning is true; this is merely speculation. However, it does seem that there will be at least another delay in the game’s release.

Additional Cause for the Delay

Diablo Immortal China Release, Postponed - Here's Why
Diablo Immortal China Release, Postponed – Here’s Why

Diablo Immortal’s release in the Asia Pacific region is currently on-hold. Some reasons are because the development team is focusing on key features:

  • Optimizing the initial build package involves changing the order in which the assets download so that the required UI will properly populate to enhance the user experience in-game.
  • Performance optimization for Android devices: The Asia Pacific area has a very diverse installation base for mobile devices. The team is conducting additional compatibility tests to improve the launch experience based on the first stage of the launch.
  • Improvements to the PC experience include corrections for potion and skill lockout problems. This also applies to Auto-Navigation, the primary assault of the Demon Hunter, the Xbox controller input latency, and other features.
  • Performance and network optimization improvements, including bug fixes and advancements to the delayed multi-lighting particle technology.
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