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Since it first released, MultiVersus has been slowly and steadily releasing characters. One of the characters included is Steven Universe. However, some players are calling for Spinel to be included as well.

Will Spinel be part of the MultiVersus character roster soon? And will fans finally have the chance to make Steven and Spinel face off again? Read on to find out more about the possibility of Spinel joining MultiVersus soon.

Steven Universe fans are wanting Spinel to become part of MultiVersus soon

An artist on Twitter who goes by the name Jakeneutron posted their art of Spinel if she was in the MultiVersus. Although it looks very legit, Jakeneutron completely made the character design from scratch. To put the cherry on top, they made it look like Spinel had her own character card similar to official characters in MultiVersus.

The art was met with positive reviews from Twitter users all over. Some users also speculated what kind of character Spinel will be if she does get included in the game. According to one user, Spinel fits the role of an Assassin well in MultiVersus.

But aside from Jakeneutron, there is also a Twitter account set up for Spinel to join MultiVersus. It seems that despite Spinel being an antagonist in the movie, fans really want her to be in the game.

Who is Spinel in Steven Universe?

Spinel first became part of Steven Universe in the show’s movie. Here, fans were able to know more about her history as well as her personality. She is also the main antagonist of Steven Universe: The Movie. After that, she became a supporting character in the series Steven Universe Future.

Rumor Will Spinel join MultiVersus soon - Spinel SU Movie

Before she became a villain, though, Spinel is known for her bubbly and energetic personality. However, a falling out with Pink Diamond is what made Spinel act all bitter towards anyone connected to Pink Diamond.

Although Spinel looks like she can’t harm a fly, her strength and anger is not something to be ignored. In the movie, she successfully defeated the Crystal Gems with ease. But Spinel only gets like this when she is in her altered state. Otherwise, she is nice and just wants to have fun.

If she does become part of the MultiVersus, it’s interesting to see what kind of attacks she’ll use. Moreover, it would be exciting to match her against Steven again and see who wins this time.

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What do you think about Spinel becoming part of the MultiVersus? Do you think it’ll be a good idea to include her in the game? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments down below.

Or if you wish to see other characters join the game, feel free to share them below. Personally, we’d love to see Spinel in action in MultiVersus. She’d be an interesting addition to the character roster.

If you have other questions about MultiVersus and other characters in the game, feel free to share them in the comments down below. Until then, stay with us here at Spiel Times for more content.

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