Gravity Goal

What do you get when you mix football, motorbikes, and hurling discus to attack our opponents? Gravity Goal!

Many developers are vying for a battle royale that can accomplish the popularity of Fortnite. Because of this, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to break into the shooting genre. Rocket League, on the other hand, is a hugely popular game for which there is currently no competitive alternative.

Rocket League is a game that incorporates soccer and cars created by Psyonix (later acquired by Epic Games). According to a well-known leaker, 2K is reportedly working on a comparable project for PC, Xbox One S, and PlayStation 5.

Gravity Goal, a Rocket League competitor with a Tron-style vibe, has released its initial details thanks to insider Tom Henderson.

Rather than vehicles, this game features motorbikes. The objective of the game appears to be much like in Rocket League, with 1v1 or 2v2, or 3v3 matches being played. Players must score a goal by striking a ball with their motorbikes. Players can also toss “discs” at their opponents to inflict damage.

  • According to pictures obtained from reliable sources, these pucks resemble hockey pucks but have bright LED lights instead of blades, forcing competing motorcycles to come to a halt or slow down.
  • The amount of damage done by these weapons is determined by their impact velocity. The similarities to the movie starring Jeff Bridges are not at all disguised. From the fight arena to the motorbikes, the game has a Tron-style aesthetic, with a futuristic air and colorful lighting.

Take-Two Interactive expects to launch 93 new video games, with 62 of those titles arriving by April 2024.

26 games are free to play, therefore Gravity Goal has a lot of opportunities to be among them if it wants to have a shot of competing. The free-to-play concept was adopted by Rocket League in 2020, which is a direct competitor. Gravity Goal was in closed alpha in late 2021 and it may be revealed in the coming months as per Henderson.

Rocket League

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SOURCE: Tom Henderson via Exputer
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