Are Alexa Ilacad and Belle Mariano’s friendship over? | Issue Explained

Alexa Ilacad and Belle Mariano issue

In Showbiz, where friendships often bloom amidst the glitz and glamour, recent speculations have ignited curiosity regarding the state of friendship between two prominent young Philippine TV stars – Alexa Ilacad and Belle Mariano. Rumors have emerged about the possible rift in their once seemingly unbreakable bond. Fans and followers are left wondering: is the cherished friendship between Alexa Ilacad and Belle Mariano truly over, or is there more to the story than meets the eye?

Alexa Ilacad allegedly liked a racist Tweet, which was later on deleted

Alexa Ilacad became the center of backlash after netizens found out she liked a racist Tweet concerning Belle Mariano a few months ago. After the news broke out, fans of Belle were furious and called out Alexa for her actions.

Alexa Ilacad and Belle Mariano issue 2
Screengrab Courtesy of @lestinemyluvx (via TikTok)

Moreover, an avid fan and allegedly “close friend” of Alexa Ilacad who uses the name Browny (now changed to Brown) on Twitter accused Belle of having a nose job, to which her fans claimed she never did. Online investigators found out that Alexa even followed the anonymous account. The speculations and rumors are creating an online war between two fandoms.

Alexa Ilacad and Belle Mariano issue 3
Screengrab Courtesy of @lestinemyluvx (via TikTok)

Meanwhile, Alexa’s fans claim that this is all fake and believes the accusations were edited

Lots of those who loved Alexa went to social media to defend their idol regarding the accusations that are making rounds on the internet. One Twitter user explained that the screenshots alleging Alexa of liking a racist post “is edited”. Furthermore, it seems that they are also taking jabs at the other group or Belle’s fandom.

Although, Alexa hasn’t made any comments regarding this issue as of this moment. On the other hand, Belle Mariano is also shying away from this conundrum.

The two fandoms, Belle’s and Alexa’s, are already fighting online to expose the truth

Alexa’s fans firmly believe this ruckus is a scheme to spread fake news and try to bring Alexa down. They claim that the opposing Belle Mariano fans were paid to do so and want Alexa out of Showbiz.

Alexa Ilacad and Belle Mariano issue 5

However, avid fans of Belle did not hold back on accusing Alexa of being an “enabler” and “toxic” because of the recent incident. Some are retaliating on how Alexa has had a bad attitude since day one and that it does not surprise them anymore. Even a TikTok video went viral after exposing the KDLex tandem (KD Estra and Alex Ilacad) were allegedly copying DonBelle (Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano). Right now, nobody knows the truth. Nobody is talking so we can never say which is which. As for their friendship, only Alexa and Belle can shed light on this current issue. All we can do is take all of these online speculations with a grain of salt.

Alexa Ilacad and Belle Mariano issue 4


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The current rumors bring back memories of when Alexa had issues with Sharlene San Pedro, Mika Dela Cruz, and Anji Salvacion

Alexa and Sharlene

In 2019, Alexa and Sharlene made headlines after the former accused the latter of bullying. However, Sharlene San Pedro claimed it was not true and that she never bullied Alexa. Moreover, she believes it was just a misunderstanding.


In addition to that, the former Goin’ Bulilit star also believes this is because of her closeness to Nash Aguas, who was Alexa’s ex-boyfriend. The issue was brushed off later on and both have made amends.

Alexa and Mika

After the issue with Sharlene, Alexa is once again connected with another Goin’ Bulilit alumni, Mika Dela Cruz. After her relationship with Nash Aguas went sour, Alexa was heartbroken because she definitely loved Nash. It was very controversial after Nash revealed that he has been in love with Mika for 13 years. In that span, he was already dating Alexa for about five years. The young actress moved on while Nash and Mika are still happily together.

Alexa and Anji

Back in 2021, Alexa rose to fame after being a housemate in Pinoy Big Brother: Kumunity Season 10. From being a social media sensation, Alexa became a television star. She gathered a lot of fans since joining PBB and created a blossoming romance with co-housemate KD Estrada. After the show, KD and Alexa became a full-pledged love tandem as they star in various TV series.

But, during their stint in PBB, another housemate confessed her feelings for KD – Anji Salvacion. Alexa’s fans would bash and fight Anji online and the issues became very sensational. Although Anji would become the big winner, she would lose against Alexa in pursuit of KD’s attention.

With all of that being accounted for, is Alexa the problem or she just manages to be at the wrong place and wrong time? Let us know what you think about this viral issue and what really is the truth.

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