AMD is expected to reintroduce new CPUs based on the Zen2 architecture by 2022, as part of several other new goods. The company will unveil a new series inspired by existing technology, according to the leaker Enthusiastic Citizen.

The introduction of the Zen2-based Renoir-X series of CPUs for the AM4 socket will be basically equivalent to the Ryzen 4000G series, apart from disabling integrated graphics, as shown in a posting published on a forum. The leaker did not specify if this refers to a complete loss of GPU or a partial reduction of cores.

Image Courtesy of Enthusiastic Citizen via Northwood Blog

The “Enthusiastic Citizen” continues by stating that the line must be compatible with Intel’s Core i3 processor. We did not get an 11th Gen Core i3 series release for desktops. However, the Alder Lake-S-based Core i3 series is likely to be released sometime next year.

Renoir-X Series

The leak in this instance most likely refers to the number of cores. Additionally, the Ryzen 3 4000G series, like the Alder Lake components, is quad-core. The Renoir-X will also allegedly not feature Ryzen 7 (8-core) parts. This series might be the components of the Ryzen 5 4500 and Ryzen 3 4100 that leakers were talking about back in July.

Additionally, AMD will introduce additional products to its 5-year AM4 platform with the release of Renoir-X, which will be phased out in the third quarter of 2022 in favor of AM5. It’s possible that the AM4 might still be around for a long time.

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