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According to a Reddit post, a user identified as Woogz_ proposed a solution to Apex Legends’ pricey cosmetics and capped leveling system. As per the Reddit user, they should implement a Prestige system similar to the Call of Duty game. They claim that this will also resolve both of the battle royale’s difficulties.

Players Unhappy

During the start of Season 12, Apex Legends has seen a significant increase in popularity. Mad Maggie, the 9v9 Control LTM, and a new Olympus map are among the new features in the latest patch. However, some players are still unhappy with several aspects of the battle royale.

What the level system could have been like from apexlegends

The leveling system is one of the concerns that players believe that the developers should address. Apex Legends’ level cap is at 500. This means that once a player obtains this remarkable achievement, they can no longer level up.

Overpriced Skins

Aside from the leveling system, the game’s skins have become pricey. Many people have pointed to the Prestige Bloodhound skin as an example that it might cost more than a hundred bucks to unlock during the forthcoming Anniversary Collection Event. One player recently devised a method for resolving similar issues in the future.

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Woogz_, an Apex Legends player, suggested a remedy to the game’s concerns with expensive cosmetics and capped leveling. Apex should include a prestige system similar to the one in the Call of Duty game, according to the Reddit user. This, they claim, will fix then both of the battle royale’s issues.

For years, Woogz’s planned Prestige system has been observed in the Call of Duty franchise. While it varies by game, after reaching the highest in-game rank, players usually get exclusive unlocks such as emblems and weapon blueprints.

Reddit User Suggests A System

Players will revert back to rank 1 after reaching this level when they must begin the leveling process all over again. According to Woogz_, Apex Legends may profit from a system like this since it would encourage people to keep playing. After achieving a potential level of 1,000, the game might reset the player’s level to 1. This allows them to continue leveling while grabbing rewards like exclusive cosmetics for their efforts.

  • Several Apex Legends players agree on this post on Reddit. The response from fans appears to be encouraging, with over 3.4k upvotes. Many think the concept will be an excellent suggestion for the battle royale game. This would provide a less expensive way to purchase rare or unique skins.
  • It will be fascinating to see if the devs take Woogz’s insightful suggestion into consideration. While implementing such a system would undoubtedly be time-consuming, it appears that many members of the community are in favor of the change.
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