Battlefield 2042: Hazard Zone, What We Know So Far

While we are hyped about the new Battlefield 2042, very little has been known about the details of the upcoming game. Now, data miners have provided us with some long-awaited information. Data miner temporyal, who is known for data mining games in the Battlefield series, is the source of the leaked information.

In a series of tweets, temporyal has stated that the new Hazard Mode seems to be a mix of Escape from Tarkov and Hunt: Showdown. While both are first-person shooter games, the first includes players taking part in raids and engaging in fights with other players to gather loot and escape the map. In Hunt, players get to fight monsters and collect bounties.

Players will drop on maps such as Orbital, which contains a satellite launch and huge tropical storms. Other tweets tell us that players can collect intel from crashed satellites and data drivers; ammo stations and uplinks can be used to call for Ranger the Robot Dog or an ADT. Tactical upgrades will allow players to enhance their characters. This may allow players to mitigate equipment they may have lost in the field through Loadout Insurance.

Hazard Zone

  • Players may encounter AI soldiers in a patrol, as well as in Hazard Zone. They can also receive backup into the map through parachute drops. By taking down the special AI bosses, players might complete additional objectives and earn more rewards.
  • The ultimate objective for players in Hazard Zone will be to extract via helicopter. Players will need to claim and activate an extraction zone on the map. Additionally, they must manage to board the helicopter in time before it leaves.

  • While this may all be exciting, it is important to note that DICE is yet to make any kind of official announcement regarding the features of Battlefield 2042 and its Hazard Mode.
  • The only statements have been that Hazard Zone will be squad-based and will be “very different” from other modes in Battlefield. With the game set to release in late October, DICE has been holding invite-only technical tests and an open beta in September.

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