Numerous South Korean tabloids have been calling BLACKPINK’s Rose cancelled due to her behavior on stage at their US tours. According to them, Rose has been acting more sexual while performing on stage, which is improper conduct among Kpop groups. The criticisms stem from the fact that Rose twerked on stage in front of a live audience during one of her concerts.

Why is She Canceled?

Kpop groups have an unspoken rule about the way they conduct themselves while performing. Since they’re considered idols, they have to keep their image clean and positive. Because they have to conduct themselves a certain way, there are many things prohibited, including:

  • Voicing any form of political opinion or support
  • Dating anyone without the approval of their company
  • Maintaining a clean and respectful image in all their public appearances

In terms of their Kpop groups, South Korea can be quite conservative. You’ll see it in their outfits, choreography, and even music video imagery. Twerking is seen as a sexual act because it emulates a woman’s movement during sex.

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In all of the international stars in Kpop, BLACKPINK is often the one who skirts those acceptable boundaries. For example, some of their hit songs are suggestive of sexual acts. The latest would be Ice Cream which subtly refers to a man’s genitals.

An Exaggeration?

Of course, all this circulating news comes from tabloids specifically, out to find juicy headlines at the expense of credibility. It isn’t the first time Rose has been under the spotlight, as she often loves teasing her fans in her performances. She has twerked several other times in the past though it’s not as excessive as you would see with Western performers. The most that she’s twerked is around a second, and she’s joked about it many times in the past.

There has been no official word from BLACKPINK or their managing company about the group’s behavior. If any, BLACKPINK is one of the groups that’s hard to cancel because they’re one of the Kpop acts with the highest international popularity. As such, the group likely knows about these accusations but prefers not to acknowledge them.

So yes, even with all the news, Rose will likely continue to perform as a member of BLACKPINK. In the worst-case scenario, she will quietly stop performing. However, she’s too big of a star for the act to go that route.

BLACKPINK Continues to Rack Awards

BLACKPINK is one of the girl groups that has been snagging a lot of awards thanks to their performances. They recently won Best Metaverse Performance in the 2022 MTV Europe Music Awards. On theme with their performance, they received the award digitally, broadcasting their heartfelt thanks to MTV and their fans. They were not able to attend the awards because they were still on their world tour.

The Kpop group’s tour will lead them to perform in London on November 30. They also have a busy schedule in December, seeing them travel across Europe in locations such as Spain, Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

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