Borderlands Handsome Collection may be the next freebie from Epic Games / GodisaGeek

Epic Games has been earning a lot of positive points from fans recently, as they have been giving away some incredible titles for free over the last couple of weeks. 

GTA 5 and Civilization 6 were the last two titles to have come out at a hundred percent discount in the Epic Games Store, and there is a lot more to follow on a weekly basis.

Now, according to some of the leaked information going around the web, it may just be possible that the next mystery freebie that Epic Games rolls out is the Borderlands Handsome Collection. 

In a reply tweet to PC Gamer, Xplicit writes, “Also in case, anyone missed it, the leak for potential upcoming Epic Games Free ‘Mystery Games’”, and posts a photo of some upcoming titles that can be given away for free by Epic Games in the coming weeks.

It seems that the Epic Games free mystery games leak list emerged on May 15th and had the following titles in it:

  • Civilization 6 – May 21st
  • Borderlands The Handsome Collection – May 28th
  • Ark Survival Evolved – June 4th

With the part about Civilization 6 coming true, many of us Borderlands fans hope that the Handsome collection will be next. 

To those unaware, the Borderlands Handsome Collection is a compilation of both Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. You will not be getting a copy of the original game with this collection; however, you will be allowed access to all the additional content that was released for the games, in a remastered 1080p version.

Epic Games was highly criticized by fans for their exclusivity deals with both Maneater and Saints Row 3. So with this latest act of charity, they are gaining their fans’ favor once again.

GTA 5 is by far one of the most popular IPs from Epic Games, the craze for the game is so unprecedented, that as soon as the game came out for free, the platform literally crashed