Call of Duty 2022: Modern Warfare Reboot? New Map Leaks

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Gamers who played Call of Duty 2009 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC, would recognize two of the alleged 2022 maps because they are some of the most renowned.

  • Favela, a medium-sized arena with a lot of verticality and compact sections situated in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Terminal, which replicates an airport with multiple areas outdoors, within, and even in the plane’s hallway.
  • Highrise, which takes place on top of a skyscraper.
  • Quarry, which takes place in a Brazilian quarry, are the other two maps.

Naturally, Activision has not responded to the leak.

We can only guess that the CoD of 2022, which has yet to be formally revealed, would be mostly handled by Infinity Ward. Insider Tom Henderson said in September that it would be a follow-up to 2019’s critically acclaimed Modern Warfare.

OTHER NEWS: Shenhe and Chongyun are Related?

The character demo for Shenhe, “Crane in the Wild” dropped this morning, and apart from the beautiful visuals and new character information that Mihoyo is known for, one particularly interesting detail is picking up a lot of traction in the Genshin Impact community. Apparently, the new cryo character launching in version 2.4, Shenhe, is related to one of our existing characters, Chongyun.

Aunt Shenhe??

  • Now, Chongyun has not exactly been getting as much screen time in the Genshin lore as many of his fans might have wanted, but that hasn’t stopped these rumors from going wild since the moment the trailer was released.
  • Fans of Chongyun have already been clamoring to see more of him present in cutscenes and stories. That may be changing very soon, as the new trailer reveals that Shenhe is none other than… Chongyun’s aunt? READ MORE…

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