Screengrab Courtesy of The Night Sky Prince via YouTube

This is the PlayStation remake that singer Éabha McMahon mentioned last month, according to insider Shpeshal Nick. The news will make public in, December.

Today, we are fortunate to live in a world where the bulk of more or less important Japanese games make it to our shores. There have been many gems that we have lost in Europe because no one came to wager on them. Some, at least, made it to the United States, where we were able to enjoy them through the import market thanks to their English translations, while most of them eventually made it to the Old Continent with various re-releases.


  • Unfortunately, Chrono Cross, one of the greatest masterpieces left by the original PlayStation in 1999, has yet to be officially released in Europe.
  • This is both perplexing and disappointing, denying many gamers access to this jewel of the JRPG. Fortunately, fresh rumors claim that Square Enix is working on Chrono Cross Remastered, a multiplatform remake that, if true, will be announced next month.
  • The source is Shpeshal Nick from the XboxERA Podcast, who has previously predicted the release of several games before release. This is presumably the major PlayStation makeover that vocalist Éabha McMahon “leaked” last month.
  • Unfortunately, this is the only information we have at this time. We have no idea how this remake would turn out if it will come out in the real world.
  • We can expect the announcement to take place on December 9 during the Game Awards ceremony. Meanwhile, unless the opposite is true, we recommend treating everything as a rumor.

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