Clash of Clans: Halloween 2021 Obstacle, Scenery, Buffs, All Leaks

Clash of Clans Halloween 2021 Obstacle, Scenery, Buffs, All Leaks

Hey chief, Halloween is just about a month and a half away, but the Clash of Clans Halloween update will be coming out much sooner. If you are a fan, you must be aware that the Clash of Clans Halloween update is one of the most celebrated updates of the game. It brings along a lot of new events, cost reductions, time boosts, new sceneries, and whatnot! The same will be the case this year, so let’s dive straight into it!

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Clash of Clans Halloween Update Date

Unfortunately, no official date has been set yet and Supercell will only reveal it a few days prior. That doesn’t stop speculations and leaks though. Hence, the expected date for Clash of Clans Halloween update 2021 will be between 10th -15th October. According to a leaker, it would be 10th October but that is a Sunday, and Supercell rarely ever releases an update on Sunday.

It is to be noted that last year, the Halloween update came on 9th October, and in 2019, it came out on 16th October. So, our best bet is that it would come out sometime between those two dates. But who knows, Supercell might surprise us and bring it on a bit early like it did last year.

Clash of Clans Halloween 2021 Scenery

The new Halloween-inspired scenery for Halloween 2021 update was officially revealed a few weeks back. This scenery is called the Halloween Haunted Village Scenery. It was created by Naji Kadalayi who won the Supercell Make scenery campaign. It has a giant pumpkin on the top right and a haunted village on the top left. Similarly, it has a haunted village/scary statue on the bottom right and a ghostly green river on the bottom left.

Clash of Clans Halloween 2021 Obstacle

Halloween Bat Tree by Wizzz4rt

Since 2014, Clash of Clans has always introduced a special obstacle during Halloween and so it will this year. While they are termed obstacle, but special obstacle farming showcases how long you’ve been a part of the game. Apart from that, it adds beauty to your village, so most players wait for new obstacles.

Last year’s Halloween obstacle was called “Vacant Tomb” and received a mixed. Unfortunately, we do not know the name of this year’s obstacle but as you can see in the leaked picture, it is very cool. It is a scary black tree with bones around and bats all over it. These bats are similar to Bat Spell’s bats and might move around the tree. This could be one of the first motion obstacles in Clash of Clans, as you’ll see bats flying around the tree. So cool!


That’s not all as a bunch of new upgrades will land for TH14 players which are as follows:

  • Xbow Level 8 will arrive
  • Mortar Level 14 will be unlocked
  • Miners will now be able to go to Level 8
  • Golem will now be able to upgrade to Level 11
  • Bowler will go to Level 6
  • You might be getting all the remaining LVL 15 wall pieces

Apart from all this, we can expect some 1 gem boost events, a lot of magic item events, and maybe even a new statue. Also, there might be some special trader deals as well as cost and time reductions on certain troops/defenses. Please note that most of this information is based on leaks and isn’t official. Rest assured, it’s going to be a great week for Clash of Clans players and fans.

Clash on!

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