Clash of Clans: Halloween Obstacle, Royal Ghost and Challenge Leaked!

Hey chief, Clash of Clans is about to celebrate Halloween 2021 and its time to get hyped. Supercell recently celebrated the 9th anniversary of Clash of Clans in August 2021. Since then, things have been a bit dim but now the Halloween Update is nearby! All fans know that it’s the most significant update of the game and brings a lot of delights every year. To check out previous leaks about Halloween click here and now, let’s begin.

Halloween Obstacle

Since 2014, Clash of Clans has always introduced a special obstacle during Halloween and so it will this year. While they are termed obstacle, but special obstacle farming showcases how long you’ve been a part of the game. Apart from that, it enhances the appearance of your village, so most players wait for new obstacles.

In a previous leak a Bat Tree with animation was said to be the new obstacle for this year’s Halloween but that isn’t happening. The obstacle for this Halloween is going to be called “Friendly Flower”, which will not be that friendly. Its animation is somewhat like “7th Birthday Surprise” obstacle. When you’ll click on the seemingly friendly flower, a scary archespore like killer plant will pop out. It sure looks like a very fun obstacle which will add to the beauty of your village.

Halloween Challenge

As usual, you will be seeing a new challenge this month, but this will be called the Clash of Clans Halloween Challenge. These challenges give you a hell lot of loot along with a few XP, a magic item and sometimes gems as well. So, really don’t want to miss this challenge and its incredibly helpful rewards, which haven’t been leaked yet.

The challenge base can be seen above along with the army you can deploy to nail it. The troops include 3x Valkyrie (Level 9), 1 Super Bowler (Level 6), and 40x Pumpkin Barbarian (Level 7). The heroes include Level 80 Barbarian King and Archer Queen, Level 55 Grand Warden, and Level 30 Royal Champion. Spells that you can use include 3x Invisibility Spell (Level 4), and 1 Heal Spell (Level 8). So, start laying your plans now in order to wreck the base as soon as it arrives.

Pumpkin Barbarian and Royal Ghost

If you are a long-time player, you might remember Royal Ghost from the Halloween 2019 season. Well, according to leaks, he is coming back! The Royal Ghost will be a temporary troop which has very high damage per second but quite low hit points. Similar to Super Goblins, he is invisible for around 12 seconds until deployment and would completely destroy a few close buildings before being visible to enemies’ defenses.

As for Pumpkin Barbarians, they first appeared in 2017’s Halloween celebrations. They are basically same as barbarians but the pumpkins on their head provide them a little more endurance. The level of Pumpkin Barbarian in your village will depend on your Town Hall level and base barbarian level, like Party Wizard.

Apart from all this, we can expect some 1 gem boost events, a lot of magic item events, and maybe even a new statue. Also, there might be some special trader deals as well as cost and time reductions on certain troops/defenses. Please note that most of this information is based on leaks and isn’t official. Rest assured, it’s going to be a great week for Clash of Clans players and fans.

Clash on!

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    1. 2 days to go. The optional update is out already which will turn your bushes and mushrooms to Halloween theme. Go download the update.

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