CYBERPUNK 2077 DLC leaks and more

It’s not a surprise that Cyberpunk 2077 is a very popular game these days. Though it wasn’t as good as expected it was the most anticipated game before its release and therefore, it’s still very popular and trending. Last week there were some leaks about a 38GB large update for Cyberpunk on Epic Store and now we have some new leaks about upcoming content for DLC.

Here’s the Leak

Some data miners have posted some interesting news information about an upcoming update for Cyberpunk 2077 on Reddit. They released a list that contains 17 items on their Reddit account. Some of them give us a pretty clear idea of what the developer CD Projekt Red has planned for the game’s future. Following is what we can make out from the new leak:

 S.No  Name  What It Might Mean
1. dlc1_swp Possible smart weapon pack
2. dcl2_jposes Possibly addition poses for photo mode
3. dlc3_kab01 Possible map rework of Kabuki area
4. dlc4_quartz Possible character customization
5. dlc5_jackets Possible additional clothing
6. dlc6_apart Possible apartment customization
7. dlc7_pwp Possible power weapons
8. dlc8_mirror Possible character customization
9. dlc9_arr06 Possible map rework of Arroyo area or new quest in the area
10. dlc10_monster Possible boss fight or Witcher inspired DLC
11. dlc11_jlook Possible character customization
12. dlc12_mfinish Possible finisher moves like The Witcher 3 DLC
13. dlc13_twp Possible tech weapons
14. dlc14_arr12 Possible map rework of Arroyo area or new quest in the area
15. dlc15_ngplus New game plus
16. dlc16_jpn06 Possible map rework of Japan town area
17. dlc17_bwp Possible blunt weapons

More Leaks

Cyberpunk 2077 Loading Screens

While the above-mentioned list boasts some exciting new information, that is not it as we have more for you guys. According to the leak-free DLCs were originally supposed to arrive in early 2021 but they were delayed because of the CDPR hack, that happened earlier this year. The team has been busy bringing the game back to the PlayStation Store ever since, and now they might be ready with the DLC. So, its quite possible that these leaks turn out to be true.

Apart from this, two expansion plans were also found by the name of EP1 and EP2. They are expected to be paid expansions and are expected to arrive in the game in early 2022. While we don’t know what one expansion does, the other might expand Pacifica and add a combat zone with new quests and locations. Also, one can expect some new quests from the in-game character Mr. Hands.

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