Hideo Kojima’s new game turns out to be Death Stranding 2, as confirmed by The Game Awards 2022 trailer they released. However, they did mention that it’s only a working title, as they’re still considering what title to take with the story’s continuation. It also confirmed that the new project connecting actress Elle Fanning to Kojima was this.

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The trailer reveals a lot of new information about the direction of this successor. According to Kojima, his desire is for the community to discuss the trailer and its details. He placed a lot of information for people to discover and decipher. So far, players are talking about potential theories, game features, and more. Here are some of the most popular:

Drawbridge in Death Stranding 2

The first noticeable thing people noticed in the trailer is the name Drawbridge. Recalling the events of Death Stranding, Sam worked under the Bridges organization for the United Cities of America. The fact that it’s now Drawbridge indicates it’s a new organization or possibly a sister project. We also know how Fragile mentions that Sam would be traveling to other locations, and Drawbridge might be the medium to do that.

Some people believe that the shift to Drawbridge is also a nod to Hideo Kojima’s change in the script. He mentioned that he had to change it because the sequel closely mirrored real-life events originally. As such, he wanted to change the direction, and Drawbridge might be the result.

A Base by the Ocean

Fragile and Sam are hanging out by the water, which was an element that didn’t have much exploration during the original game. That and Drawbridge’s appearance may indicate Sam may travel to other continents or locations through the sea. There’s a lot they can do with it, such as sea exploration or discovering nearby islands.

Some people believe that Drawbridge may connect to other planes of existence, cities, or space. Since we don’t have many details, all of them can be possible.

Higgs’ Return

The big credit nod to Troy Baker’s return and the ominous masked character only means that we’ll be seeing the return of Higgs. There are also a lot of visual cues that still relate to Higgs’s mission and style. Fans believe that he’s still out there trying to bring about the Extinction Event. There is also a possibility that something happened, changing his mission, since Amelie is no longer part of the equation.

The red gowns and Amelie symbols indicate a new cult surrounding it. The worshipers may also be fanatics dedicated to Higgs.

Adult Louise?

Players believe that Elle Fanning may be another playable character in the game, especially since the game may fast forward. Given that Sam has aged, we might head into territory where we see a grown-up Louise played by Elle. Others believe that Sam aged because he gave up his regenerative cells for Fragile.

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