Did Jennifer Lawrence have Plastic Surgery? Actress Finally Addresses the Rumors

Did Jennifer Lawrence have Plastic Surgery? Actress Finally Addresses the Rumors

Jennifer Lawrence has been in the rumor mill for allegedly having plastic surgery, particularly on her nose and eyes. In an interview with Kylie Jenner for the latest issue of Interview Magazine, Jennifer finally addresses the claims surrounding her looks, and no, the changes in her appearance don’t have anything to do with undergoing the knife, but due to a good make-up technique. Here’s what she has to say.

Jennifer Lawrence Credits Make-Up for Major Appearance Change

Jennifer Lawrence gives credit to what make-up can do, denying the claims that she has opted for any cosmetic enhancements. She also lauded the make-up artist Hung Vanggo for doing wonders with her looks, making everybody think she has had plastic surgery.

“I also think it’s incredible what makeup can do because I work with Hung [Vanngo], who overlines the lip, and I call him a plastic surgeon because everybody in the last few months since I’ve been working with him is convinced that I had eye surgery,” she said, via Interview Magazine. “I’m like, ‘I didn’t have eye surgery. I’m doing makeup.’”

Kylie Jenner also comes to Jennifer’s defense, stressing that her appearance doesn’t resemble the rumors.

“I’ve been seeing the pictures. It doesn’t look like that,” she stressed. “But yeah, it is amazing what makeup can do.”

That said, considering men rarely do make-up, Jennifer feels sorry for them for being “stuck with what they have.”

Kylie, alternatively, admitted she was getting fillers in the past and had breast augmentation but denied that she had plastic surgery on her face, just like what the rumors claimed.

“I did end up getting lip fillers, but it’s also the same with me,” Kylie revealed.

The make-up mogul explained that when she compared photos of herself when she was 12 and 26, she noticed that her eyebrows were filled differently and had contours.

“I’m like, ‘How can you compare my 12-year-old face and say I’ve gotten my jaw shaved and eyelids removed?’ I’m like, ‘What are we talking about?’” she continued.

Jennifer Lawrence Compares Her Appearance Now that She’s 33 to Her Younger Self

After Kylie Jenner compared her appearance today to her younger self, Jennifer Lawrence couldn’t help but do the same. Starting in the business at 19, The Hunger Games star also has before and after pictures when she was 19 and now in her 30s.

She explained that the dramatic change had something to do with growing up and losing baby weight in her face, and the difference was because she was aging. She then emphasized that she had the same nose, and it only looked different because her cheeks got smaller, not due to having a nose job.

This isn’t the first time that Jennifer has addressed plastic surgery rumors. Back in 2019, she told Paper Magazine that she had “never” been under the knife because she was afraid.

People thought she had beauty enhancements at the time, and her face was fully reconstructed, which she strongly denied. However, she would never do that because she was terrified, adding they didn’t understand what good hair, makeup, and fillers could do.

Aside from plastic surgery, Jennifer and Kylie also talked about the latter’s recent pregnancy with her son, Aire, family relationships, and life as a businesswoman.

Plastic surgery claims aren’t new in the entertainment industry at all. This kind of rumor quickly emerges whenever people see a difference in a celebrity’s look. Though beauty enhancements seem to be a norm today, it’s a surprise because many are still making it a big issue. Also, it’s good to note that Jennifer has been looking good since she started in the business until today, and people, indeed, must know the magic that makeup can do. Whether she has gone under the knife or not is her call.

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