Did Sony Finally Buy Housemarque?

Diorama Studio mentioned in a new interview with Combo Infinito that they can’t talk much about Returnal due to an NDA. He also remarked that Housemarque is a subsidiary of Sony. So, can it mean that Sony has finally purchased Housemarque?

Returnal Partnership

Housemarque has always been candid about its close partnership with Sony on Returnal. Marketing Director Mikael Haveri also stated that the studio does have a “huge partnership” with Sony on the tech side, as well as a history.

The team’s first opportunity at a PS5 game wowed a large number of players. Many people also praised the DualSense implementation. Could this indicate that Sony was waiting to see how Returnal will be received critically and commercially before making a final decision?

It appears to have surpassed expectations, so it may have satisfied Sony’s final requirement. After all, Returnal could arguably be a great contender for Game of the Year.


Many publishers are reportedly willing to invest in their first self-published game, Arani, which is premised on Brazilian cultural heritage. Is it possible that Sony is one of them? Well according to Mikael Haveri, Sony has already certified them.

Back in May 2017, Arani was given just over $185,000 for development. However, nothing has been heard from the production team since then, leading some fans to believe that the project has been canceled.

Arani tells the tale of the game’s protagonist indigenous Brazilian warrior who is a member of the “Tribo do Sol”, and who will be led on an adventure of self-discovery and battle mastery by the gamer in order to save her people from an ancient mystical power.

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