The Drake and Kendrick Lamar Beef: Every Accusation Made by Lamar

Drake and Kendrick Lamar Beef

From Tupac vs. Notorious B.I.G to Nas against Jay-Z and Ice Cube versus N.W.A., there have already been numerous memorable rap beefs in history. Well, beefing is part of rap and hip-hop culture, and it’s also why the industry continues to be exciting. Now, fans get another sizzling hot feud between two award-winning artists – Drake and Kendrick Lamar.

The hostility between Drake and Lamar had already started more than 10 years ago. From being friendly collaborators, Drake and Kendrick Lamar eventually turned into bitter rivals. Here is what Kendrick has accused Drake of through the years.

In 2015, Kendrick called out Drake for allegedly having ghostwriters

At this time, Drake and Kendrick Lamar were already beefing after the latter took shots at multiple rappers in 2011 on Big Sean’s album “Control”. A few years prior, both seemed like they were friends and even collaborated on a couple of tours. However, their relationship took a dip after Drake took the diss personally.

In 2015, Lamar went on to accuse Drake of ghostwriting issues. Take note that the California-based rapper was already taking jabs at the Canadian star. Although Drake confirmed that he uses the help of other artists, he defended the practice by saying it’s “collaboration.”.

Kendrick Lamar re-ignited the beef with his innuendo that Drake isn’t at his level

March 2024: Future, Metro Boomin, and Kendrick Lamar just released a song titled “Like That” from the collaborative album “We Don’t Trust You”. In Kendrick’s verse, the Grammy-winner clapped back at J. Cole and Drake’s claims of their status as members of the “big three” of the rap industry, alongside Lamar, a.k.a. K-dot.

Lamar obviously didn’t like the idea of being in the same sentence as the other rappers since he already had beef with both of them.

Drake reportedly getting plastic surgery

Well, it’s not only Kendrick who has accused Drake of getting plastic surgery. The internet is already saying that Drake, or Aubrey Graham (in real life), underwent operations to alter his physical appearance.

Rumor has it that Drake had a nose job, a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift), and liposuction to create his “fake abs”. Drake denied the allegations.

Kendrick Lamar says Drake has a secret daughter

After Drake released “Family Matters”, a song that targets Kendrick’s alleged infidelity, K-dot immediately responded with an even worse diss track – Meet The Grahams.

There, Kendrick attacked Drake’s family life and accused him of trying to hide an 11-year-old daughter. Drake just laughed it off and went to social media to tell jokes about it. A few hours later, Drake released another track titled “The Heart Part 6”, which is a mockery of Kendrick’s “The Heart Part 5”. In the song, Drake revealed that it was he and his team that planted the false information of having a secret child. Sadly for him, nobody seems to be buying the idea.

Lamar accuses Drake of being a p*dophile

Drake looks like he’s losing the rap battle with Kendrick’s continuous truth bombs. Truly, the former is being body-bagged by the latter in terms of diss tracks, as he is being exposed slowly. Probably the biggest bar Lamar has delivered is calling Drake a predator and a p*edophile in his latest diss track, “Not Like Us”.

“Say, Drake, I hear you like ’em young?  You better not ever go to Cellblock 1 … Certified Lover Boy? Certified p*dophiles … Tryna strike a chord, and it’s probably A minor”

Drake did respond, but it did not do him any good. He even started mentioning Millie Bobby Brown, but people on the internet started trolling the Canadian artist.

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