E3 Plans of 2K Leaked Online

2K’s E3 headlines could include a Borderlands planet – Daffodil, which could be nicknamed either Wonderlands or Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, as per a Reddit thread that garnered a wink on Twitter from Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier. It’s stated to have a gameplay theme comparable to previous Borderlands titles, with playable “multiclass heroes.”

One more possibly leaked unveiling is a new Firaxis game that is described as an action game featuring Marvel heroes. It was defined as “XCOM with Marvel Heroes” by the source. So it could include some “famous actors” as voice talents.

Then there’s “Codename Volt”. An action title presented as “Cthulu meets Saints Row” and characterized as “in really early development” by the leaker.

It’s uncertain which studio was focusing on the game. However, the leaker noted that Hangar13 was designing an “open-world sci-fi title with supernatural elements” last year, which could be it.


Lastly, there’s NBA 2K22, which features Dirk Nowitzki on the cover but might feature other athletes in later versions. Unfortunately, for the time being, all of these are just speculations. 2K has announced a total of 21 titles, 4 of them are “immersive core releases” and two of those are from fresh franchises.

Gearbox is also working on one of the new franchises. A Tiny Tina spin-off might not qualify as a new franchise in this situation. However, there could be another one in the works. In any event, we’ll get an opportunity to see what 2K’s projects are during E3 2021 and the circumstances surrounding it.

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