Elden Ring DLC: Shadow of the Erdtree – Possible Release Date and What We Know So Far

Elden Ring DLC Shadow of the Erdtree - Possible Release Date and What We Know So Far
Image Courtesy of FromSoftware (via Twitter)

Prepare to delve deeper into the mystical world of Elden Ring with the upcoming DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree. From new weapons to characters, get ready to discover what’s in store for you in this highly anticipated expansion. Here’s everything we know so far.

Shadow of the Erdtree Possible Release Date

Looks like the masterminds at FromSoftware have been cooking up something sinister for us in the form of the Shadow of the Erdtree DLC! Fextralife predicts that the wait won’t be too long, with a possible reveal date in Q2 and the official release date in Q3 or Q4 of 2023.

After a year of impatiently twiddling our thumbs, the hype is real. FromSoftware’s reputation for delivering stellar post-release content has set our expectations soaring higher than a fire-breathing dragon.

Possible Characters

  • Melina
  • Rosus
  • Snow Witch
  • Godwyn the Golden


Melina entered the world under the protective shade of the mighty Erdtree, but her physical form met an unfortunate fate, leaving her as a wandering soul with a blank slate of memories. Her true calling, bestowed upon her by her mother, Queen Marika the Eternal, was lost in the flames that consumed her body.

  • Though unspoken, the hints suggest that Melina’s origins are deeply intertwined with the powerful matriarch of the realm.
  • There’s speculation among fans regarding the identity of the Gloam-Eyed Queen, with many convinced it’s none other than Melina.


Rosus assumes the noble role of both guide and guardian, ensuring that those who seek to reconnect with their roots can safely traverse the mystical Lands Between.

  • As the revered protector of the sacred Erdtree Burial, he is entrusted with the task of leading lost souls to the catacombs, where they can find solace and eternal rest.
  • For the deceased, wandering aimlessly in this enchanting realm is a perilous journey, but with Rosus as their beacon of hope, they can find their way back to where they belong.

Snow Witch

Lunar Princess Ranni once crossed paths with a mysterious hag in the forest – The Snow Witch. This icy sorceress had a lot to teach Ranni, including the art of using frosty magic and instilling fear of the dark moon in her heart.

Elden Ring Snow Witch

But when Ranni met her untimely demise during the perilous Night of Black Knives, her soul found an unusual vessel – a doll fashioned in the image of the very witch who had mentored her.

Godwyn the Golden

When his mother was in charge, the Erdtree faced a fierce attack from the Dragons, who had previously dominated the world. Thankfully, the forces of the Erdtree emerged victorious, with Godwyn emerging as the hero who defeated the terrifying Fortissax and even won over the dragon’s loyalty.


How can Melina be connected to the upcoming Elden Ring DLC?

The fate of our beloved Melina has left us wondering after her heroic sacrifice to light the Erdtree. Could she possibly make a comeback in the expansion? Let’s be real, who wouldn’t want to see her again? After all, she’s the only NPC that didn’t have a bloodlust for our character.

Is there a way to save Melina?

Picture this – you’re in Elden Ring, and you meet the lovely Melina. She’s kind, she’s charming, and she’s vital to your journey. Saving her is a no-brainer, right? Well, the good news is that you can rescue her from a tragic fate. But, and this is a big but, it’s not going to be a walk in the park. You’ll have to make a tough choice that will turn Melina into an enemy.

Are you excited about Elden Ring DLC: Shadow of the Erdtree? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below! 

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