Screengrab Courtesy of Gaming Squad via YouTube

An Elden Ring player came across some hidden game files the other day. According to Twitter user JesterPatches, he “came across a few icons” that hinted at a bestiary was designed before.

Hidden game files in Elden Ring showed “icons of different NPCs”

JesterPatches shared their discovery on Twitter after snooping around Elden Ring’s game files. “There are 128 icons showing different NPCs. Each NPC shown has two icons, one greyed out and another one filled in,” JesterPatches shared. Moreover, JesterPatches explains that this design means an enemy or NPC is found and not found.

If this was included in Elden Ring’s launch, it would certainly make the game a lot better. Especially since the game has a large number of enemies to defeat and NPCs to talk to.

This bestiary featured more than animals that appear in Elden Ring

Further into looking at the game files, JesterPatches says they saw several icons that were seemingly unrecognizable. The 64 icons that didn’t resemble any of the creatures or people currently in the game may indicate that FromSoftware had to cut out some content prior to its release.

Elden Ring - Colosseum
Screengrab Courtesy of Lance McDonald via YouTube

Another hidden content discovered by players is a Colosseum in Elden Ring. Lance Mcdonald suggests this feature is coming as a DLC in the future. Although right now, there is no official word from Elden Ring devs about the possibility of a multiplayer arena.

Elden Ring - Colosseum 2
Screengrab Courtesy of Lance Mcdonald via YouTube

But as always, we should wait for official announcements from Elden Ring devs on whether a bestiary and a multiplayer arena are coming out soon. As of now, these are all just allegations. But who knows, maybe we’ll get these hidden content in future Elden Ring patches.

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