For quite some time, Elden Ring has been regarded as among the most eagerly awaited titles. A game teaser was leaked online, revealing a lot as to what Elden Ring followers can anticipate. The leak increased the game’s frenzy dramatically.

There was a lot of secrecy about the game upon the official introduction, which disappointed enthusiasts. Fans eventually started to question if the game had been canceled, but From Software afterward denied this.

Coming Soon?

If the newest buzz is to be assumed, we may be hearing about Elden Ring fairly soon. This is according to a respected From Software insider Omnipotent, who has a good track record of leaks.

This could be great news for supporters who were dismayed in recent days due to speculations that Elden Ring would not be shown at E3. Jeff Grubb’s comments on the subject were the most legitimate of all since he has a history of being spot-on with such leaks.

If Elden Ring’s release is really drawing near, it will be intriguing to witness what kind of announcements fans can expect. At this moment, it’s pretty doubtful that From Software will simply launch one more gameplay clip or teaser. After all, many leaks link to an official release update.

A prior leak revealed gloomy stone sculptures wielding spears hunched over what appeared to be sarcophaguses and then switching to what looked to be a high, curved auditorium with light gleaming from above. This, however, was quickly debunked by many fans.

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