FIFA 22 PS5, Xbox Series Exclusive Gaming Features Leaks

Football is not just a popular sport but also a very popular video game in the form of the FIFA series. EA’s FIFA series games are always highly anticipated, and we have some interesting information for the fans. FIFA 22 is now quickly approaching, and this gives rise to a lot of leaks and rumors.

FIFA 22 is the “best game yet” of the series and boasts some huge changes which are about to arrive. Some leaks have revealed that an exclusive next-generation feature would be arriving at the pro clubs. Here’s what we know about it.

The Leak

Leaks and rumors about a game as big as FIFA 22, come as no surprise. A recent leak about the highly anticipated football video game involves the popular game mode known as Pro Clubs. Apparently, gamers can play with their friends and each player is given their own position. This does not have anything to do with the gameplay but instead, is an interesting new gimmick.

The above-mentioned leak suggests that players will be able to watch Pro Clubs matches even if they are not playing. The leak comes from a reliable leaker called @FUTZONECENTRAL. If the leak is true, it means, players will be able to see how their club performs on the field. It might prove to be an excellent feature for those who get DC accidentally or have to stop playing for some reason.

“You can now watch your Pro Clubs matches if your not playing and see how your club is performing on the field. #FIFA22”, the leaker tweeted.

Not Satisfactory

As it was mentioned above, this is not a full-blown feature that would change the gameplay or the way the game looks. It’s more of an added benefit and most players will expect some better and more valuable features from FIFA 22. After all, it is supposed to be the best game of the series, right?

Also, the feature would only be available only for those who have the PS5 or Xbox Series consoles. Sorry PC and other console users, but that’s that. But don’t fret, as with the game’s incoming release, loads of new and official information will be coming soon.

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