Finally, Fortnite Chapter 3 got a brand new name. The latest sources and information revealed by leaker ShiinaBR, says that the new upcoming map will have the code name of “Artemis”. The term “Artemis” in Greek religion symbolizes the Goddess of wild animals, vegetation, hunting, amongst others

Other than this little piece of information, currently, we do not have access to more in-depth information. But we can say basing our assumptions on the leaks and the “map concepts” that even if this does not fit the story’s usual structure, it is plausible.

Given the presence of a gigantic Pyramid in Season 8, the creators might be alluding to old-world motifs. Furthermore, with skins like Lyra (based on Medusa) existing in-game, it would be simple to expand on a Greek mythological theme. With Epic Games continuously finding new ways to push the envelope, this may become a reality.

What Can We Expect the Map to Look Like?

  • On the concept designed by EDMIRE2k, we can say that the Fortnite Chapter 3 upcoming map will be quite diverse. It is sure to include and feature various biomes like ice, volcanoes, deserts, and tiny little islands that are connected to the mainland.
  • This artist in a tweet revealed his concept of the Chapter 3 map that is actually based on the real prototype of the new upcoming map.
  • Given that Artemis is the goddess of hunting and vegetation, additional creatures might be brought to the mix. It wouldn’t be surprising if Epic Games introduced entirely new hunting mechanics.

Will Old POIs be Present on the Chapter 3 Map?

  • We can’t deny that the Old POIs that a certain charm and appeal attach to it that it remains unmatchable to date.
  • The Fortnite community is cheering on for the Old POIs to make a comeback, hence we can safely assume that the new map can possibly contain some of the evergreen “OG” locations.
  • The old POIs will be returning to the game, according to the creator of the concept Fortnite Chapter 3 map. The new Chapter may include popular locales such as Lucky Landing, Butter Barn, and the Pirate Ship.

However, on the other hand, many fans and players have made the claim that it might not be possible for the above to be included in the new map as the old “OG” map has been destroyed. Nonetheless, as Pleasant Park has been in-game since Chapter 1, resurrecting old locations is just a matter of uploading assets to the game. Until then, let us all wait and hope for the best!

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