Fortnite Leaks: Chapter 4, Season 3 upcoming Battle Pass Skins

Fortnite Leaks Chapter 4 Season 3 upcoming Battle Pass Skins - Featured

With the anticipation for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 building up, fans are eager to learn more about the new Battle Pass skins. Leaks and rumors have surfaced, revealing some potential skins players can expect to see. This article will discuss these leaked skins, their design, and how they might fit into the upcoming season’s Battle Pass.

Chapter 4, Season 3: Fortnite Battle Pass Rumored Skins

These potential Battle Pass skins for Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3 are not 100% confirmed. However, they are widely expected to be included. With a mix of amusing, intimidating, and competitive skins, the upcoming season’s Battle Pass promises to offer something for every type of player.

Let us know your thoughts on these skins in the comments below. Additionally, which ones you’d like to see make it into the final Battle Pass?

  • Midas Fish Skin

    • The Midas Fish skin is an unexpected yet amusing addition to the new season. It is a hilarious take on the popular Midas skins.
    • The draft version of the skin already looks promising. However, the final design of the cosmetic is expected to be even better.

  • Tropical Bird Skin

    • As the next season is rumored to have a tropical theme, a tropical bird skin seems fitting.
    • This Peely-style skin could potentially be the first skin in the Battle Pass.
    • The design is still in its draft phase, but the final version will have a similar appearance.

  • Tiger Skin

    • Every Battle Pass has its standout “thick” skin. The Tiger Skin might be the one for Chapter 4 Season 3.
    • With a powerful and intimidating design, this skin could become a fan favorite. We expect different edit styles, possibly featuring armor upgrades.

  • Female Geno Skin

    • This skin appears to be a female counterpart to the Geno character, featuring similar hair color and design.
    • It may be a potential Tier 100 skin with various edit styles, including armor and coat variations.

  • Old Dude Skin

    • With a humorous and summer-themed design, the Old Dude skin could be another meme skin for the upcoming season.
    • This skin may mark the return of older characters in Fortnite, and its design is likely to appeal to many players.

Fortnite Update v24.30

One of the most significant additions coming to Fortnite is the introduction of four new skins, one of which has been confirmed as Anakin Skywalker. Though the identities of the other three skins are still under wraps, speculation is rife.

  • Some frontrunners include Emperor Palpatine, Count Dooku, Cal Kestis from the recently released Jedi Survivor game, Darth Maul, Ahsoka Tano, and characters from the Clone Wars series.

Fortnite Force Abilities

  • Force abilities are also coming to Fortnite, including Force Lightning, which could hint at the inclusion of a character like Emperor Palpatine.
  • Other abilities, such as lift, jump, pull, push, grip, and vacuum, will also be added, along with a new blaster rifle similar to the E-11.
  • Lightsabers are making a comeback, but it’s unclear if they will also be usable as pickaxes.

Fortnite’s tweet, “The force is strong with you. Which side will you take, Jedi or Sith?” has left fans wondering if there will be any team-based limited-time modes (LTMs) or creative content related to the Star Wars theme.

FNCs, Syndicate, and Makeup Revolution

  • Aside from Star Wars content, the update will also include original content like new weekly challenges, FNCs cosmetics, augments, level-up quest packs, reboot rallies, and trial challenges.
  • However, the final part of The Syndicate questline will not be in this update, as it is set to be in the next, Fortnite v24.40.
  • Lastly, Fortnite has collaborated with a makeup line, Makeup Revolution, to offer makeup shades inspired by Fortnite characters like the Llama, Cuddle Team Leader, and Peely.

Creative Mode Improvements

  • While the Star Wars content takes center stage, Fortnite is also working on improvements to its Creative mode and the Unreal Editor.
  • Some features in the pipeline include custom player animations, modifying existing weapon stats, expanded memory capacity, and a save and accolade device for long-term progress tracking.

With just a few hours left until the update, fans are eagerly theorizing about the new skins and how the Star Wars universe will be integrated into Fortnite. No matter the outcome, this update promises to be exciting for Fortnite and Star Wars enthusiasts alike.

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