Fortnite: “Get Schwifty” Rick and Morty Emote

Yet another leak from Fortnite that brings exciting news! Fortnite update v17.30 was rolled out on the 17th of August, and data miners have discovered new things in the files to the delight of fans!

Updates from Epic almost always contain new files that contain skins and other cosmetics that are under encryption to prevent leaks before official announcements. However, this does not always work well for Epic, and data miners find a way to access these new files.

HYPEX and NotOfficer have discovered files that contained skins and back blings of four different sets in the new update. The skins were of Will Smith, a potential Crew Pack skin, Janky from Guggimon, and Morty from Rick and Morty!

With Rick already having made an entrance into Fortnite, it was only a matter of time before Morty too arrived in the game. Rick’s character had already been added to Fortnite as the level 100 skin in the Battle Pass. Players can unlock Rick from the last page (page 10) of the Battle Pass; he can purchase him for 10 Battle Stars. However, only if you have unlocked all other cosmetics on the same page.

Get Schwifty!

  • Morty had also made an appearance in Fortnite. Not as a skin, but being transformed into a hammer for Rick’s Harvesting Tool. Following this, fans had hoped that a Morty skin would also be made available. Now, their wishes are going to be satisfied!
  • We are yet to see how much the Morty skin will cost. The leak shows Morty strapped to a robot with a controller that allows him to move and fight. In addition to the new skin, the Rick and Morty set also contains a “Get Schwifty” emote, a reference to episode 5 in the 2nd season of the sci-fi show. The emote can be done alone as well as in a group!
  • Although there has been no news on when we will be seeing Morty in Fortnite, an official announcement is expected soon. It is also speculated that players might see a Morty Cup that will contain cool and whacky mechanics and awards in reference to the nature of the TV show.

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