Fortnite New Event Leaks, All Details, Ariana Grande

Buckle up Fortnite fans as a new event is about to arrive in the game soon. Fortnite events have always been amazing and have contributed a lot to the popularity of the game. A leak suggests that it’s coming very soon and would feature a famous pop star. Here’s what we know about it.

Date Leaked


According to the leak, the event is coming sooner than you’d expect, i.e., July 31, 2021. The Fortnite leakers didn’t want to expose the event just yet, so they kept it under wraps by only dropping a few clues. One of the more popular leakers of Fortnite, iFireMonkey, revealed a few details about it including the date, what might happen, and version update.

“The thing people are hyping up is the event (which might be the Ariana Concert) that is currently set to take place on July 31st. v17.21 should release within the next few days and add the files required for this event (however they will most likely be encrypted)”, his tweet read.

Ariana Grande

  • According to the spills, Ariana Grande live show is set to take place in Fortnite on the 31st of July. A partnership with Ariana Grande was previously revealed in some leaked legal papers from Epic Games’ situation versus Apple. This was thought to be a skin or cosmetic inclusion, but after this leak, it appears to be true.
  • The concert would take place on Saturday and since it’s a weekend, many fans will be able to enjoy it. There is a huge hype about it and it’s all set to be a big event, just like some of the game’s previous concerts.
  • A leaker previously indicated that Epic Games had already carried out a test release for an in-game live show. It appears to be true, given the number of reports and leaks that have brought us similar sets of data. As a result, this is fantastic news for Ariana Grande fans who play Fortnite.

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