Fortnite: New Skin Leaks + Release Date

Fortnite New Skin Leaks + Release Date

If there is one thing everyone loves about Fortnite is its numerous crossovers and collaborations. The first collab in Fortnite was in May 2018 with Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War and since then it has had over 68 collaborations. Fans are always excited for these collaborations as it unlocks new skins and cosmetic items for them. Therefore, we bring you all the new skins that have released and will release in the month of August, 2021. Here we go.

Officially Announced Skins

Courtesy of Fortnite
Following are the skins that will be released or have been released officially:
  1. Ariana Grande – A new announcement suggested that the event coming very soon and would feature a famous pop star. Ariana Grande, one of the biggest musical stars in the world, will be hosting her own set of concerts starting August 6, 2021, and ending on August 8. Obviously, it would be accompanied by new skins and cosmetics items for the pop star. To read more about the schedule click here.
  2. Guile and Cammy – Fortnite has announced a new crossover with the popular game series Street Fighter. The collab brings two characters from Street Fighter into Fortnite, namely, Guile and Cammy. They arrive on August 7 and bring along new 2 new skins for each of these characters. To read in detail click here.
  3. Bloodsport – Suicide Squad 2021’s director James Gunn took to Twitter and asked fans to be ready for a crossover and shared a video of star Idris Elba. Idris Elba portrays Bloodsport in the upcoming movie and hence, Fortnite fans will be getting a new Bloodsport skin for their characters. It was released on 4th August and to read more click here.
  4. Superman – The Superman skin will finally make its debut on 12th August after a very long wait. Superman was teased ever since the beginning of Season 7 and now the wait will finally pay off! Just a week to go now before the popular DC superhero joins Fortnite’s DC character roaster. To know how to obtain him click here.
  5. Summer Skye – Summer Skye joined the Fortnite Crew on August 1. Summer Skye is a female skin featuring a cute outfit and design. She was previously named Ava and has an alternate design called Stormy Skye, which gives her a more sinister look.

Rumored and Leaked Skins

Fortnite is a such a big game that rumors and leaks are inevitable. Following are some of the leaks and rumors regarding new skins:

  • A Naruto Skin was leaked in the official court documents. Read more here.
  • A second Walking Dead crossover was also leaked. Read more here.
  • Leaked documents shared on Twitter from the court battle also indicate that Samus Aran (Metroid) might appear in the game as well.
  • The Foundation, an unreleased character in Fortnite, might also be finally releasing.

While the first section of this article is officially confirmed information, we recommend you to not take these leaks and rumors seriously. Some of them might be true but there is no guarantee, so do not rely on them.

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