Image Courtesy of Epic Games

It’s that time of the year again and as expected, every game studio is coming up with holiday-themed updates. Fortnite is one such game that continuously adds loads of new pop culture content with every update. This includes skins and powers of your favorite superheroes or cinema characters, as well as various rewarding events. Something or the other always keeps happening in Fortnite and with the new year coming up, here are the probable plans for Epic Games.

New Year Event Date

Obviously, it’s the New Year Event, so it would take place at midnight on 31st December 2021. Being such a big and active Battle Royale game, Fortnite won’t let a celebration opportunity like this slide by.

While it won’t be live for another week, it is being anticipated by many fans. Especially those who have more in-game friends than real life. After all, everyone wants to celebrate the new year with their friends or family. Fortnite gives you a chance to do the same in a virtual world.

Image Courtesy of Epic Games

What Is It?

Now that we know when exactly it’s happening, let’s move on to what will happen in the event. According to one of the most prominent leakers, Sinx6, a giant ball came through a rift at the top of the world This will happen at midnight December 31, 2021, just like it happened last year.

It takes quite a lot of inspiration from the ball that drops in New York City and other places on New Year’s Eve. The ball will crystalize and then start slowly dropping as the countdown begins. With the end of the countdown, a new year begins which comes in with loads of new opportunities and exciting ventures for all of us.

That sums up as much we know about the event, for now, making it a small event. But who knows, we might see something extra this year as well. After all, Fortnite has always come up with exciting new stuff to keep us engaged and excited. As for the New Year Ball Drop, the time may affect the start of the event to keep things more realistic and personal.

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