Fortnite Tornados: What We Know So Far

A new Fortnite leak has emerged. This new leak introduces us to an interesting feature in Fortnite. The new season has brought many new things to Fortnite. A new leak talks about an upcoming feature in Fortnite: Tornadoes! Official confirmation is not available, but the leaks point toward this happening soon.

Fortnite Tornadoes

Tornadoes were already seen in the Season’s trailer. It is said that work on this feature has already begun. Tornadoes are going to be something players will have to face and contest.

  • The leak states that tornadoes will be released with one variety. However, more varieties might be introduced in the future. It will take 25 seconds to form but will last for 8 full minutes.
  • This is quite a bit of time, and players will have to hold their ground through it. The tornado can also move objects in the setting, with physics properties for the objects. This can mean significant destruction and player damage or even death. This can also come from objects that are moved.

  • However, this is not all that the new feature brings. Players will also have some uses for the tornado feature here. What these features are, we will have to wait and see.
  • As always, the leak’s details might change, or might not be implemented at all. Therefore, the leak is best taken with caution.

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