Fortnite data miners recently deciphered a ‘pak’ file and discovered a wealth of details about Holly Hatchery. The file contained various meshes and assets pertaining to the POI, as well as information about the modifications that gamers can anticipate!

While the entire region has not been altered to best fit the alien invaders’ styles, it appears that the major building has received significant changes. However, they are insignificant in contrast to the wider context in Holly Hedges.

Holly Hatchery

  • Holly Hatchery, an uninteresting POI, becomes the celebrity of Fortnite Season 7 and she looks incredible!  The purple alien POI has now distinguished itself from all other Fortnite areas.
  • According to the appearances, this area will become and continue to stay a hot zone indeterminately, owing to its vibrant design aesthetic, until another such area is alienated.

Alien Nanites

  • The Alien Nanites are now available in the game. The Mothership and Abductor UFOs, according to HYPEX, are where gamers will discover them. Nanites are for enhancing firearms, transforming them into more strong IO and alien varieties.
  • However, based on the data available, it appears that the Nanites are having problems with spawning right now. Players may have difficulty obtaining them in-game unless this bug is.

Low Gravity Biome

  • Aside from the alien upgrades, one of the structures appears to have been enveloped in a low gravity biome. There’s more to it than that, though. The zone of impact will grow as the alien invasion strengthens! This is according to iFireMonkey, a notable Fortnite leaker.
  • The rules of physics vanish once gamers enter the reduced gravity region. Gamers can almost hover while within the low gravity zone because their jump height is amplified, fall damage is reduced, and they can almost float.

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