Fortnite’s New Feature is Very Similar to Mobile Respawn Beacons (Apex Legends)

Fortnite - Mobile Respawn

Just a week into Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 and we already have another leak. According to HYPEX, a credible Fortnite leaker, a new item may be introduced to the game soon. This new feature from Fortnite seems like the Mobile Respawn Beacons in Apex Legends.

Epic Games is allegedly ‘working on a deployable reboot item’ for Fortnite

HYPEX revealed in a tweet last week that a deployable reboot item is in the works for Fortnite. Although there is no information present about the item as of now, HYPEX makes a connection from last season.

Before this leak, HYPEX found an interesting feature in the game’s data last season. Apparently, Epic was working on a feature to deposit gold in reboot vans’. But now that we are in a new season, there are no updates regarding this and Epic still hasn’t made this feature available to the public yet. So, maybe this reboot item and the ability to deposit gold in reboot vans are somehow connected.

This item is similar to the mobile respawn beacon in Apex Legends

HYPEX went on to explain further what they found out about the new item. The deployable reboot item is called “Second Chance”. Furthermore, Epic added a new item to Creative Mode called “Second Chance”. Respawning to your teammates wherever you are is possible if you use this item.

It seems Fortnite is taking inspiration from Apex Legends with this portable respawn device. In Apex Legends, every player starts a match with a mobile respawn beacon in their inventory.

Apex Legends - Mobile Respawn Beacon
Image Courtesy of frondtech

With this item, they can respawn their eliminated teammates pretty much anywhere on the map. But only if they successfully retrieve their fallen teammates’ banners.

If this turns out to be true, we’re excited to see how this can affect Fortnite and its gameplay.

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