Genshin Impact 1st Anniversary Celebration – All Details

On the 28th of September 2021, Genshin Impact will commemorate its 1st anniversary. As the celebration approaches, the game will begin to tease highly anticipated improvements and fresh content.

Lumine Narrative

  • According to rumors, the game’s celebration will bring substantial narrative adjustments to Genshin Impact. Aether is the main character of the game, while Lumine is the adversary.
  • On the anniversary of Genshin Impact, Lumine is assumed to be depicted as a protagonist, which may have a massive effect on the game’s plot.
  • Predictions say that the anniversary patch will include new 5-star characters and weapons. As a component of its one-year anniversary events, the game may give a free persona, similar to the Lantern Rite Festival ceremony.

Moonchase Festival

As per Genshin Report, the Moonchase Festival could commence during the anniversary events.  The festival will be in Liyue, and Keqing is will definitely attend! As soon as more information on the Moonchase Festival is out, we’ll update this page. So stay tuned!

Additionally, Travelers will get more opportunities to engage with Keqing, who has yet to receive her own narrative journey. Future releases will almost certainly widen on Genshin Impact’s plotline, and some tale missions may even be timed to coincide with the game’s anniversary or the Moonchase Festival.

Anniversary Bonuses

Rumors suggest that free Primogems will be a freebie during the annual event. Primogems are the most beneficial in-game monetary system! You can use these to make wishes on banners and replenish resin. Gamers can wish existing or the latest characters with the free Primogems. In addition, gamers expect a banner patch for Genshin Impact.

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