Genshin Impact: Ayato, Heizou Release Date Rumors

Leaks have most times been the primary source of news about new content in Genshin Impact. miHoYo has tried to push back against leakers and data miners. However, it has not been of much use. Leaks are maybe the only way for players to gear up for new characters and new content.

New characters and banners are one of the most constant and exciting parts of updates in Genshin Impact. The recent major update 2.4 brought with it two new characters, Shenhe and Yun Jin. A recent leak brings rumors about two new character releases.

The Leak

The leak has predicted that two characters, Kamisato Ayato and Shikanoini Heizou will be arriving in the game sometime soon. The leak comes from Ubatcha, a credible Genshin information source. The tweet itself mentions that the leak is questionable.

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These two characters are apparently scheduled for update 2.6. As per miHoYo’s update schedule, update 2.6 will be arriving at the end of March.

Image Credits: u/sharon-carter (Reddit)

The Characters

  • The leak mentions that Ayato is a 5-star character.
  • Ayato is confirmed to be the head of the Kamisato clan. While Ayaka was thought to be the leader of the clan, this new information has revealed otherwise.
  • Previous leaks have mentioned that Ayato will be a Hydro character.
  • Ayato will wield a sword. He will be the second sword-wielding Hydro character.

Information about Heizou is limited.

  • Heizou is a 4-star character.
  • He is a detective working for the Tenryou Commission.
  • He places his own priorities above his duties. Hence, he is disliked by superiors for this.

That is all the information we have on the new characters that are reportedly making their way to Genshin in a couple of months. As always, the information is a rumor and can change any time in the future. Moreover, the leak itself mentions this information as questionable.

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