Genshin Impact Complete Inazuma Map Reveal

Ever since this version 2.0 update and the introduction of Inazuma, fans have been enjoying Genshin Impact even more. But some of them have also gotten a little impatient about the future of the game. This particularly involves the rest of the islands in the region of Inazuma. A total of 6 islands were supposed to release in the region of Inazuma, and three of them were released with the 2.0 update. Now we have some more information on the remaining islands.

The Leaks

The good news is that the maps for two more Islands have been revealed, but it is not official. What we across are the leaked maps and information by a reliable leaker @WangshengFP. The leaked maps are of the highly anticipated Watatsumi and Seirai Islands which might feature in the 2.1 update.

“2.1 Inazuma Map (English) Credits to Penpen. The map has a few random watermarks, names, and some memes. Have fun finding those! (The important info like the actual 2.1 island names/areas haven’t been edited <3)”, @WangshengFP tweeted.

If the leaked map is indeed true, it reveals the entire geography of the Watatsumi and Seirai islands. Watatsumi Island will be found to the west of Yashiori Island and Seirai Island can be found south of Narukami Island and Kannazuka.

The Islands

The spiral-shaped pink and purple region that you can see on the map is Watatsumi Island. As you can see it is just over the inner sea and a lot of areas have been marked on the map. These include Sangonomiya Shrine in the center as well as various mountains and waterfalls all around it. Some areas on the Island will also allow you to perform the latest activity, fishing.

The grey-blue set of Islands that you can see at the bottom right of the map, is a part of Serai Island. Seirai Island will be devoid of foliage and will consist of rocky, mountain-like terrain which will be surrounded by Electro storm. According to details, some disasters wrecked the Serai Island region, making it a breeding zone for thunderstorms. It would prove to be a little difficult to explore because of all the thunderstorms.

These leaks seem to be too detailed and accurate to be false. The way these maps showcase the geography of the regions is totally in sync with what we know officially. If these are true, then it’s great news for the fans as they can plan the future of their respective journeys now.

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