Shenhe is one of Genshin’s characters that has yet to be confirmed as a new addition and has just been featured in the game. Last year, an image provided fans a sneak peek at how she appears and her part in the game. Recently, a new leak circulated that claims she will be a Cyro Catalyst user!

  • The latest Shenhe leak was provided by Reddit user XenoVX on the ShenheMains subreddit. The fact that it features Gorou, Arataki Itto, Albedo, and Eula in the character banners for Patch 2.3, gives credibility to the leak. The Reddit post is at least 30 days old at this time.
  • MiHoYo just unveiled the four Genshin Impact characters for its next 2.3 patch, with Gorou and Aratakki Itto being the two new characters, and Albedo and Eula will be the two recurrent banners.

Conversation from someone with a friend who has insider with Mihoyo suggesting Shenhe is coming in 2.4 and is a cryo catalyst. Explanation of his reliability in the comments. from ShenheMains

Who is Shenhe?

  • She is known as the crane adepti, Cloud Retainer, and will wield a 5-star Cryo claymore. This is according to a Shenhe leak in 2020. However, the latest revelation above may have refuted that claim.
  • With the introduction of Shenhe, those who want a Cryo catalyst user could finally get their request. Nevertheless, it’s still possible that the design of Shenhe will be completely different from what has been revealed thus far in leaks.
  • We’ll just have to sit tight for an official unveiling from MiHoYo. The announcement could come before the year ends. Then, we’ll know if Shenhe will be in Patch 2.4 of Genshin Impact.

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