Genshin Impact had received many new things with Patch 1.6. The Golden Apple Archipelago event was one of them. The event was part of the Midsummer Island Adventure in patch 1.6. The event brought well-written lore and uniquely amazing gameplay mechanics. However, the event came to an end, leaving players wondering when they might experience it again. The following update removed the event from the game.


However, plyers have been expecting to experience the Golden Apple Archipelago event once again. In good news for players, the event is set to return.  According to a leak, Golden Archipelago is going to be re-run in Genshin Impact soon.

miHoYo has been attempting to bring back old content that players have found interesting and exciting. Genshin Impact’s fan base is increasing, and miHoYo will be working hard to impress them.

Still, the exact time when the event will return is unknown. It might be happening before Patch 3.0. The next upcoming update is the 2.4 patch, but it is not known if it will return with this patch.


  • If the leaks are right, the upcoming update patch 2.4 is bringing some exciting new things for all players. Both Windtrace and Lantern Rite are expected to be re-introduced with this patch.
  • If this happens, it is not very likely for another major event such as the Golden Apple Archipelago to be re-run at the same time. Apart from this, new skins for Ningguang and Keqing are expected.

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